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Showing Wild Hair Studio

Have you tried a pack of Wild Hair Studio Smidgens? What are Smidgens you ask? Smidgens are fun, versatile mini batts perfect for spinning, felting or other fiber arts. In celebration of being featured in the December Ply Magazine Blog, I am running a sale on Mystery Smidgens.

Mystery Smidgens contain wool from my farm, other luxury fibers and have the option to add sparkle (Angelina).

Sale ends January 31, 2022.

Preorders are open for the 2021 December Fiber Advents. Two themes to choose from this year. Each advent will include 24 small packages and one large package of fiber for a total of 10 oz of ready to spin or felt fiber, plus a couple non-fiber surprises. Spin, felt or craft your way through December!

Subscriptions are open for the Fiber Club inspired by Star Gate. This club will include 3 releases of fiber and handmade polymer clay buttons. Subscriptions close June 1.

New for 2021 – Spa Day CSA. This non-fiber CSA is an assortment of handmade soaps, moisturizers, and a spa cloth. The soaps and moisturizers are handmade in small batches in the studio and all items are made with no added fragrances. This would be a wonderful treat for yourself or gift for that special person.

See the Wild Hair Studio Etsy shop for full details.

Follow me on Instagram to see my upcoming colorways come to life.

Have you consulted with your Mentat? No? Well, March 1 approaches ever closer, so don’t delay — preorder your 2021 Dune-inspired Fiber Club before they’re gone.

Receive three installments of fiber inspired by Dune. Fiber installments will be mailed on the last Monday in March, July and November.

Each club installment will be a 4 oz batt or smidgens (mini batts) of a Dune-inspired colorway specifically designed for the club and a coordinating handmade polymer clay button(s). Fiber content of each installment will vary, but all will contain Romeldale/CVM wool from my farm and other luxury add-ins. Note: these may contain pulled sari silk or other fibers that provide slight texture. There will be an option to have sparkle or no sparkle.

Total fiber included in the club is 12 oz to be shipped over three installments.

Spin or felt your way through the first 24 days of December with an Advent Calendar. This year’s theme is the Wizards of Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings inspired).

Each Advent Calendar will be 24 small packages of fiber, one larger package of fiber and a couple non-fiber surprises.

The fiber will be Romeldale/CVM wool from my farm and other luxury fibers. I am including an option to add Angelina/sparkle to your fiber. Total fiber in the package will be 10 oz plus. I envision this fiber release to include sari silk and other luxury fibers that may add slight texture.

Romeldale/CVM sheep are an endangered American Heritage breed. I have been working with this breed for over 10 years and have an established flock. However, my small farm is not self sustaining at this point. Sales from my Etsy shop assist with covering feed and other costs of my small farm.

Hogsmead Treat Bags – 2019 Release – A Halloween Fiber Treat Inspired by the Magical Creatures of the Harry Potter Series

Treat bags are limited edition fiber assortments containing a combination of batts, smidgens, and custom blend roving inspired by the magical creatures in the Harry Potter series.

This is a preorder. Treat Bags will ship in October.

Each Treat Bag will contain an assortment of 8 oz. of fiber, plus a non-fiber surprise from the studio.

This fiber assortment will contain wool from my farm with luxury add-ins. Wool from my farm may include purebred Romeldale/CVM, registered American Gotland, and/or crossbred. Purebred Romeldale/CVM sheep are an endangered American Heritage Breed.

Orders close September 15.

The Livestock Conservancy identifies breeds of livestock that are in danger of becoming extinct. Currently the Romeldale/CVM breed is classified as Threatened. According to the Livestock Conservancy, breeds classified as Threatened have less than 1,000 registrations per year and less than 5,000 individuals worldwide.

I have been working with this wonderful breed since 2008. I maintain one of the few flocks of Romeldale/CVM sheep in the southeastern U.S. It is a unique situation to work with an endangered breed. Issues taken for granted in other breeds become a major undertaking and expense in a breed with small numbers and few breeders.

Club CVM is a quarterly fiber club. Each club release will be a Romeldale/CVM wool and/or Romeldale/CVM wool blend roving, batts or smidgens (mini batts) from my studio. The Romeldale/CVM wool is from my flock. The fleeces are professionally sheared each spring. I carefully skirt my fleeces and send them to the mill for washing and carding. The wool is returned and I create the final roving, batts or smidgens in my studio. Purchases of this club or any other products from my studio help to support my farm and conservation efforts for this wonderful breed.

The Club CVM boxes (first release) is available in the Wild Hair Studio Etsy shop. The Club boxes are for sale during the month of January. Then I will dye and prepare the fiber. Fiber boxes will ship in March and yarn boxes will ship April.

The first club release contains:
4 oz of Romeldale/CVM roving
2 oz of Romeldale/CVM wool and other luxury add-ins batts
A short news item about my flock/sheep with a photo. It may be a feature about a specific sheep or about the flock as a whole.

*The roving in the photo is the sample I carded for the first club release. It is a natural-colored dark brown, combined with hand-dyed blue and green. The batts will be in a coordinating color scheme.

I am also offering the option to receive this club release as handspun yarn. If you choose the handspun option, there is no choice of yarn weight. I will hand spin the 4 oz of roving and send this as 1 or 2 skeins of 2ply yarn. The 2 oz of batts will be spun and sent as one to two skeins of 2ply yarn. These yarns will not be super bulky, but also not super fine – more of a medium weight.

Wild Hair Studio is a participating fiber supplier for Leicester Longwool wool and Romeldale/CVM wool for the Livestock Conservancy’s Shave ’em to Save ’em Challenge. This Club CVM release has 4 oz of Romeldale/CVM roving and will qualify for the Shave ’em to Save ’em Challenge.

I am making a limited number of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar.

So what will be in these? Each pack will be 12 small packages, one larger package and a couple smaller, non-fiber surprises. Each of the smaller packages will have a different “flavor” Bertie Botts inside. You will receive approximately 2 oz. of botts and approximately 3 oz. of custom blend roving for a total of 5 oz. of fiber. This batch of botts will all have Romeldale/CVM wool from my farm and Angelina (sparkle), plus some other luxury fibers. The additional luxury fiber will vary from “flavor” to “flavor” and may include crossbred wool from my farm, bamboo, sari silk, Merino wool, Corriedale wool or Shetland wool.

I am shooting for 12 distinct “flavors,” a different “flavor” for each day. The larger package will be 3 oz. of small batch, custom blend roving inspired by the world of Harry Potter. The roving will contain Romeldale/CVM wool from my farm and Angelina along with luxury add-ins.

See the Etsy shop for complete details.

Hogsmead Treat Bag Preorder

A Halloween Fiber Treat Inspired by the Candy and Sweets of the Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter and fellow Hogwarts students looked forward to the Hogsmead Weekends. Hogsmead Weekends were designated weekends throughout the year when 3rd year and above students with signed consent forms could visit and shop in the nearby village of Hogsmead. A favorite shop was Honeydukes, the candy and sweets shop. Treat bags are limited edition fiber assortments containing a combination of batts, smidgens, and custom blend roving inspired by the candy and sweets in the Harry Potter series.

These treat bags will be similar to the Hogsmead Weekends Fiber Club I have had in the past. However, this is a one time release and while I may revisit inspiration candies used before, the fibers will be all new for this release and not remakes of past colorways.

These are available as a preorder only. Treat Bags will ship the first to mid part of October.

Each Treat Bag will contain an assortment of 6 oz of fiber, plus some extras from the studio. One extra that is already in the works is a special batch of handmade soap. The soap is small batch, cold process, and unscented, but created especially for this Treat Bag.

This fiber assortment will contain wool from my farm with luxury add-ins. The wool from my farm may include Purebred Romeldale/CVM wool, Registered American Gotland wool and/or crossbred wool.

These Treat Bags have Angelina (sparkle). If you would like to order one without sparkle, please message me with that request at the time of your purchase.

Orders close September 20.

Also, during the month of August, use the coupon code “FallSale” for 10% off any purchase in my fibercrafty shop, including the Treat Bag Preorder.

TDF Fiber Boxes are currently available for pre-order. You can leave notes in the comments or message me about colors to include or exclude. I welcome those comments as a way to customize your box. However, after I begin dyeing (hopefully next weekend), I will be less able to honor your special requests.

TDF Fiber Boxes are available in both the FiberCrafty shop and the Etsy shop.

Another special offer that I will begin this year is Grab Bags. Grab Bags are an assortment of yarns or fibers from my Studio. Each Grab Bag offer will be created around a central theme. Grab Bags offer a great opportunity to add some hand dyed/painted yarn or some fabulous fiber to your stash at a super discount (at least 15 below regular price and often times more). However, they are only available as a preorder and the preorder will only be available for a limited time.

The first Grab Bag is available in the FiberCrafty shop now. I have fallen in love with the Desert in Bloom colors, so I have two different options for this Grab Bag. The first option is put together with Tour De Sock in mind. It is all fingering or sock weight wool/nylon blend yarns. The second option is a Weavers Grab Bag created around the same color theme. Preorders will close on May 31, 2018 and orders will ship in June.

Watch future announcements for information on the next Grab Bag.