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Introducing Club Dragonfly 2019

When we sat down to discuss planning for the 2019 Club Dragonfly, we decided that it would be helpful to get feedback from current and past club subscribers. The responses we got were very useful! In some ways: it confirmed what we assumed – subscribers love our colorways. ???? We had provided patterns designed specifically for the colorway. Many people enjoyed them, but the consensus seemed to be that Ravelry’s seemingly endless selection provided enough options. Finally, everyone loves the swag option. (We offer a bonus accessory – examples from past years include a small dish from Creative with Clay, a pin from Crafty Flutterby Creations, project bags from That Clever Clementine, a colorspun necklace from Middle Brook Fiberworks and a lotion bar from Love+Leche.

A sample of 2018’s colorways is above. Not shown is Persephone, which is a beautiful sage green with hints of gold. It was dyed on Djinni, our fingering weight MCN. Note that there are six shipments. Also, members have the option to order more of any colorway when they fall in love. As you can see, both the colorways and base yarns we use vary each month.

We’ve never had a theme before, but after a long year of upheaval, natural disasters (we have a Carolina colorway that is a charity fundraiser through December 31) and more, it seemed appropriate to pay tribute to our wonderful continent.

Next year’s colorways will be inspired by the many and varied cities and landmarks that make North America unique and its people special. We’ll be crowdsourcing, too! If you have a picture of a beautiful area that you love, please send it to us! Maybe we’ll use it for one of the colorways! In lieu of including a pattern that are designed specifically for the club selection, we will be offering suggestions for patterns to use with the yarn. Don’t worry if you’re not an experienced knitter or crocheter! There will be pattern ideas with a range of skill levels and styles included with each shipment.

We are offering two options: with swag ($235 annually) or without swag ($200 annually). The first shipment is in mid-January and subsequent shipments are ever other month. Sign up on our website.

Happy holidays one and all! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2019!