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Introducing Keld Aran!

Hello from ECY Shedquarters! We had a really great weekend after some really lovely posts on Twitter from Emma Mitchell aka @silverpebble . It was so lovely of her and so great to see all the orders that came in as a result; what a welcome relief after a difficult time. Today I am excited to tell you about our next update which will be the super exciting, brand new Keld Aran. Keld Aran is a blend of extrafine merino with linen, the same as you will find in Keld Fingering. This yarn is essentially two strands of Keld Fingering, which is a singles yarn, spun together. You can read all about this exciting new yarn in our blog post about it. The update is scheduled for 9am (UK time) on Friday 15th October so may already have happened by the time you read this. All colourways included in the update can be found in the flickr album and you will also find colour combination suggestions here too. This is a MASSIVE update which is not normally how I would introduce a yarn but as soon as I got my hands on it I fell in love and am sure you will too! That means there are plenty of colours to choose from and you should find something to suit any project.

Our Yarnlings™️ are having a great time at the moment! It’s so fun to pack these up and then to see your unboxing pics – thankyou for sharing them. It’s also really fun seeing what you make with them; Louise Tilbrook made a really cool pair of striped scrappy socks using them. We were asked for crochet ideas for them, so we’ve put together a Pinterest board full of (off-Rav) pattern ideas – you can see it here. We are building up other boards that will help with inspiration too. If you have any suggestions to add to it do let us know! We’ve also added an option for getting 15 Yarnlings™️ but without the jar, in case you just want the yarn (and because I’ve nearly run out of jars again and need to buy more!).

Following on from our Bowland DK update we have published a Patterns and Projects blog post to help you with inspiration of how to use this wonderful yarn. We have a whole page devoted to our Yarn Specific Blog Posts which shows all the links arranged by yarn. This page can be found directly from the Blog menu.

As things get back to normal I have been able to record three episodes of The Wholly Irregular ECY Shedcast over the past couple of weeks. In them I talk about the update yarns, samples made using the yarns and general ECY news. Episode 16 (the third of this run) is a bit of a reintroduction to ECY so if you are new to us please do check it out! You can find all episodes of the Shedcast on our YouTube channel. There might even be another episode up by the time this is published!! 🤣