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Introducing Stravaigin Yarn Co. Botanically Hand Dyed Yarns

Hi Everyone, I am new to Indie Untangled and very excited to join in! My name is Seathra and I am the creator, designer, and natural dyer behind Stravaigin Yarn Co. Yes, I know the name is a wee bit of a tongue twister…

A few years ago I moved to Scotland to complete my Masters degree at the Glasgow School of Art. I was smitten with the city of Glasgow and whenever I had a spare moment from school I would explore a new part of the city to relax and get inspiration. I would just hop on the bus, get off when something of interest caught my eye and explore the museums, vintage shops, cafés, pubs and parks in the area. I soon discovered that this unplanned, go-wherever-your-interest-takes-you approach to my outings was perfectly described by an old Scots word: Stravaigin (struh-vey-gin) loosely translating to having a wee wander aimlessly without intent or a set destination. These outings are among my most cherished memories of my time spent in Glasgow, so I decided to name my yarn company Stravaigin Yarn Co. to keep my beloved adopted city close to my heart. 🙂

Stravaigin Yarn Co. is a botanical dye studio specializing in ethically-sourced and wild-harvested dye plants. I work with the finest yarns sourced from small farms focusing on responsible farming practices and animal welfare. Dedicated to creating beautiful and conscious colour, I produce traceable, small-batch, unique yarns to inspire your creative projects.