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Showing Stravaigin Yarn Co.

Hi everyone!

I’ve been busy harvesting dye plants the last few weeks, enjoying these beautiful late days of summer… marigolds, goldenrod, lichens, tansy, and a couple of varieties of berries are now drying in preparation for use over the coming winter months. As I clean out last year’s leftover bits and pieces from my dye cabinet making room for this year’s harvest, I realize that I need to do the same with some of my yarn. I am planning new colourways and will be introducing a new yarn base (or two) later this fall… so I need to make some room on my shelves!

It’s time to dust off your needles and favorite fall pattern because I am offering 25% off selected SYC yarns. Pop over to the website and use promo code AUTUMN25 at checkout to get your hands on some naturally dyed, pure wool yarns for your next project.

Sale starts Friday, August 30 — while quantities last.
Sale includes the Auchentoshan, Cumulus, Hygge, and Conscious bases.

Hope you all enjoy the last few weeks of summer…


Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great summer so far…

We are having a rather cool and wet summer in western Canada this year, so my usual foraging and stravaiging adventures for collecting dye plants have been postponed…

While I wait for those plants to be ready for picking I decided to dig into my natural dyes cabinet for some inspiration. I chose Quebracho Red, Cochineal, and Hibiscus to create a new colour palette. These three work beautifully together, complementing each other and blending subtly to create a slight colour veriegation in the yarn.

The yarn base is SYC’s Auchentoshan (OKH-en-TOSH-en) is an old Scottish Gaelic word translating to ‘corner of the field.’ This yarn hails from the fields of Alberta where local sheep farmers bring their fleeces to a family-owned and operated antique woolen mill for custom processing. A Mule Spinner from 1910 was used to produce this unique high quality handwork yarn. Mule spun yarns are drawn, spun, relaxed, then wound, mirroring the processing pattern of hand spinning. This 100% Canadian Rambouillet – traceable origin- 1 ply yarn is super soft and possesses an airy, lively characteristic that is a joy to work with. Suitable for detail work, socks, or a light shawl, it felts nicely and would be lovely in a woven project as well.

Hi Everyone, I am new to Indie Untangled and very excited to join in! My name is Seathra and I am the creator, designer, and natural dyer behind Stravaigin Yarn Co. Yes, I know the name is a wee bit of a tongue twister…

A few years ago I moved to Scotland to complete my Masters degree at the Glasgow School of Art. I was smitten with the city of Glasgow and whenever I had a spare moment from school I would explore a new part of the city to relax and get inspiration. I would just hop on the bus, get off when something of interest caught my eye and explore the museums, vintage shops, cafés, pubs and parks in the area. I soon discovered that this unplanned, go-wherever-your-interest-takes-you approach to my outings was perfectly described by an old Scots word: Stravaigin (struh-vey-gin) loosely translating to having a wee wander aimlessly without intent or a set destination. These outings are among my most cherished memories of my time spent in Glasgow, so I decided to name my yarn company Stravaigin Yarn Co. to keep my beloved adopted city close to my heart. 🙂

Stravaigin Yarn Co. is a botanical dye studio specializing in ethically-sourced and wild-harvested dye plants. I work with the finest yarns sourced from small farms focusing on responsible farming practices and animal welfare. Dedicated to creating beautiful and conscious colour, I produce traceable, small-batch, unique yarns to inspire your creative projects.