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Introducing the Deflection Wrap — at 25% off!

Shooting these photos in the graffiti’d underbelly of one of Pittsburgh’s many bridges, a middle-aged guy in dirty shoes and three-day old stubble walks past us.

He takes one look at our model, overdressed amongst the broken bottles and remnants of late-night meetups, and we brace ourselves as he opens his mouth and yells…

(wait for it…)


Well. That’s not what we were expecting him to say…

But honestly, he’s right. Because this pattern is so eye-catching that, despite all our cynical expectations, it completely deflected his attention — so that the shawl received his unsolicited comments instead of our model.

And so we yelled back, “Thanks!” as we continued on with the photoshoot, and the sun shone through the old bridge’s ironwork, and a gentle breeze blew all the tension away.

The Deflection Wrap uses a chevron structure and textured stitches to show off the incredible ombre and gradient colour flow of a full year of bundles from the SpaceCadet Mini-Skein Club. And for one week only, you can get the pattern at an awesome 25% off!