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Lyrical Seas is made for chilly days watching waves roll in on a cool-weather beach.

This beautiful colourwork pullover features a delightful wave motif designed to bring out the best in SpaceCadet’s colour combos. Worked top down, the simple design is a fabulous introduction to both colourwork and yoked shaping.

And to support the pattern’s release, we’ve created six gorgeous colour pairings: choose from cool sea blues, soft sand shades, fiery sunset colours, or soft naturals. No matter what you go for, your Lyrical Seas is sure to be stunning!

If you’re ready for adventure, let colourwork virtuoso Lisa Ross guide you through her latest shawl design on her fun new MKAL.

Just as in her other designs, she’s carefully balanced the main colour against a collection of stunning mini skeins and you can rest assured the final result will be incredibly eye catching.

But for our kits, we’ve done something a little different…

Unlike most MKALs, where the pattern is adventurous but colours are fairly safe, we followed our instincts and dyed all the pattern’s contrasting colours in really complex, layered recipes which each feature a pop of unexpected colour that can’t be seen until you open up the skein….

And believe us, opening up those one-of-a-kind mini skeins to find their hidden colours is addictive!

The mini skeins for each set are dyed in the same seven dye baths (a red, an orange, a magenta, a grey, a purple, a turquoise, and a green).

But the complex layers that create those unique pops of hidden colour mean no two sets are exactly the same. Your final project will be completely unique!

Ready to join the adventure? Grab one of our Secret Forest Sets and cast on!

Colourwork makes for some of the most exciting knitting and crochet projects — even when it’s something as simple as stripes. But when you’re holding two yarns in the skein, it can be really hard to accurately picture how they’ll work together. Will the colours blend? Will they pop? Will they clash or will they compliment?

And it can be especially difficult to choose yarns for colourwork when one or more of the colourways are variegated!

Holding two skeins next to each other gives you a good idea of how the colours will play together in your project. But because they’re just sitting side by side, there’s a disconnect that can be deceptive. In essence, they are big blobs of homogeneous colour that are only interacting along the one edge where they meet, and, honestly, that isn’t a great representation of how colour behaves in a knitting or crochet project.

Doing stocktake the other week, we kept finding ourselves stopping to pair up yarns into colour combos, It made for a pretty slow stocktake(!) but I realised there is a technique that we were using over and over that’s a simple and easy way to see how two (or more) yarns will work together in a project. Even when you’re trying to pair variegated yarns!

And I suddenly thought maybe not everyone is using this handy trick… So I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped some pics that I’ve put in a handy guide. It will show you how to use this quick and easy technique the next time you’re trying to put together colour combos. And it’s completely free, so download it today and start combining your skeins with more confidence!

Here at SpaceCadet, what we love most is playing with colour: mixing layer on layer to create wonderfully complex one-of-a-Kind skeins. And as we did a stocktake of Thebe, our gorgeously light silk-linen yarn, we realised we’ve dyed such a beautiful collection of Small Batches and OOAKs that we just HAD to put them in the shop!

Because when the heat and humidity start hitting their highs, there’s nothing as satisfying as deep, rich, saturated colour on cool, cool linen and silk.

Even better, the timing is perfect: we’re offering 15% off these beautifully unique skeins. But each one is completely one of a kind and cannot be repeated — and once they’re gone, they are gone — so find your summer colours and snap them up quick!

We had a little hiccup this past season in the SpaceMonster Club. The maker I had lined up for our end-of-season gift had a family emergency which meant she wasn’t able to complete the commission. It put us in a pickle, to say the least, and I found myself scrambling to find a replacement.

So I turned an old friend in the industry: a fabulous potter whose hand-thrown mugs are incredibly popular but, even better, who I knew would come through for us. We’ve done many yarn shows alongside her, sharing tools during booth set-ups and dinner after a long show day. I reached out and she said yes immediately.

And when the gift arrived, it was better than I’d even hoped.

That’s the thing about hand-makers — about potters like her, dyers like us, and knitters and crocheters like you…

We know that what we make isn’t about the product we have in the end (I mean, how many times has someone looked at your project and told you, “Y’know, you could just buy a hat?”), it’s about the making.

And even more, when we make with materials that have also been hand-made, it’s about the connection from maker to maker… from potter to dyer… from dyer to knitter and crocheter…

And that is why we love dyeing for our club members most of all. Because nowhere is that connection stronger.

When we stand in front of the dye pots thinking of colour inspiration, we’re imagining what you’ll think as you open the box. When we commission the gift, we’re hoping you’ll love it. And when I write the dyer’s notes, I’m writing to you.

And that connection with our club members? Well, I think it’s pretty special.

We’re getting ready for the next season of the SpaceMonsters Club and we’d love to have you join us! But we don’t have long — the next parcel is due to go out at the end of this month — so if you’d like to join our colour adventure, you’ll need to act quickly.

The SpaceMonster Club will be open for new members for only a few days, so that we can get started packing the next colourway!

I’m excited for the new colours we’ve come up with for the next season. Will you join us?

We dye a lot of yarn for a lot of people: for the LYSs who carry SpaceCadet, for the customers who wander into our online shop, and for our club members. And here’s the thing…

The folks we like dyeing for the most — no, wait, I mean the folks we really love dyeing for the most — are our club members.

Standing at the dye pots in the studio and exploring colour is just so much more exciting when we’re creating new colourways for our Yarn Alliance members. And that’s because our club members are the kind knitters and crocheters that I love most: yarn adventurers who embrace exactly these kinds of colour explorations.

They get us… and we get them!

And there’s no one who lives up to the title of “Yarn Adventurer” quite like the folks in the Yarn Alliance because, as when you become a member, you’re on a journey with us to explore colour. Yes, it’s true that you never quite know what’s going to be in your parcel and that is all part of the fun — every colourway is a surprise, a chance to stretch your imagination and challenge your creativity.

And every colourway is a direct connection between us as dyers and you as a maker — unique and new and created only for you as an adventurer with us in the Yarn Alliance.

We’d love to have you join us! But we don’t have long — the next parcel is due to go out very soon — so if you’re ready to embark on this adventure, you’ll need to act quickly. Get on the mailing list now so we can send you the link as soon as the club goes live!

Shooting these photos in the graffiti’d underbelly of one of Pittsburgh’s many bridges, a middle-aged guy in dirty shoes and three-day old stubble walks past us.

He takes one look at our model, overdressed amongst the broken bottles and remnants of late-night meetups, and we brace ourselves as he opens his mouth and yells…

(wait for it…)


Well. That’s not what we were expecting him to say…

But honestly, he’s right. Because this pattern is so eye-catching that, despite all our cynical expectations, it completely deflected his attention — so that the shawl received his unsolicited comments instead of our model.

And so we yelled back, “Thanks!” as we continued on with the photoshoot, and the sun shone through the old bridge’s ironwork, and a gentle breeze blew all the tension away.

The Deflection Wrap uses a chevron structure and textured stitches to show off the incredible ombre and gradient colour flow of a full year of bundles from the SpaceCadet Mini-Skein Club. And for one week only, you can get the pattern at an awesome 25% off!

I know that the “right” way to run an indie dye company like SpaceCadet is to create repeatable colourways and dye them over an over. And we have a lot of really beautiful repeatable colourways.

But if I’m honest, the thing that gets us really excited is a lot more playful than that! What we love most is layering colour on colour to create wonderfully complex one-of-a-kind skeins.

And when the heat and humidity are hitting their highs, all we want is deep, rich, saturated colour on cool, cool linen and silk. So that’s what we’ve dyed, in our Summer 2022 Thebe One-of-a-Kinds, a collection of yarns that are utterly breathtaking.

Each skein is completely one of a kind and cannot be repeated, and it’s a rare treat to see these in the shop. They are first come, first serve, and once they’re gone, they are gone. An important note: the yarn in your cart is actually yours only once you’ve completed check out, so you’ll need to be fast.

Yarn details
Thebe (thee-bee) is named for the fourth moon of Jupiter. Combining silk and linen into a heavy laceweight that gets softer and more lovely with age, Thebe has a swing and drape that is just wonderful.
Fiber content: 65% silk, 35% linen; 2-ply
Weight: Heavy lace; Each skein is approximately 3.5oz/100g, and the yarn contains approximately 665 yards per 100g

There is nothing in the whole world like a skein of delightfully thick yarn to make you want to dive right in! Bulkier yarns beg you to pick them up, smoosh them, snorgle them and squish them tight. And when you cast on, they always work up so fast!

And the SpaceMonster Mega Yarn Club is all about going Big. The yarns are thick and squishy, the exclusive colours are downright galactic and even the gifts are mega awesome. The club is opening to new members next week and, if you get on the mailing list now, you’ll get early access to grab your spot!

As a member of the SpaceMonsters Mega Club, you receive:

• A fantastic parcel delivered to your door every other month, containing a beautiful skein of SpaceCadet yarn in worsted or bulky weight, hand dyed in an exclusive colourway created to bring out the best in thicker yarns
• The SpaceCadet’s Log exploring the inspiration for each colourway
• A fantastic SpaceMonsters gift tucked into every third parcel. We’re known for the great gifts we include in our club parcels — and for this club, we’re seriously upping the fab. You’re going love it!

In this club, you can also buy extra skeins! For a whole month after you receive your parcel, you’ll have an exclusive opportunity to order more skeins custom dyed in the latest club colourway. You’ll receive an email with all the details about a week after your parcel goes out — and then all you have to do is pick your project!

Plus Get Coordinating Colourways!

Colours this gorgeous deserve companions, don’t you think? So each month, you have the opportunity to get additional colourways that we design to coordinate beautifully with the first, so you can create an even more amazing project.

See you in the upcoming SpaceMonsters season!

All images shown here are of past colourways and are for illustrative purposes only. Yarns, colouways and gifts for new subscriptions will be different (but still awesome!).

An Epic Project Created from the Simplest of Building Blocks… and for a limited time you can get the Striad Wrap pattern at 50% off!

The Striad Wrap was conceived one cosy day as I sat in my knitting chair drinking a steaming cup of tea and gazing absentmindedly at a new lampshade that cleverly incorporated strips of joined-up triangles to form a globe shape. As my eyes followed the curve of those triangles, I found myself itching to pick up my needles and use the architecture of knitting to mimic their shapes. And so the Striad Wrap was born, an intriguing series of short row triangles, knit individually in strips and joined together without any seaming up, that combine to beautifully show off the amazing colours of handdyed yarn.

Designed for SpaceCadet Mini-Skeins, this stunning wrap is my favourite kind of project: created from layer upon layer of the smallest of building blocks — each one so quick on its own but all of them together combining into an absolutely spectacular result. Perfect if you love playing with colour blocking but hate intarsia and seaming (there’s no intarsia and no sewing up at all in the whole project!).