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Our Secret Forest Sets are here!

If you’re ready for adventure, let colourwork virtuoso Lisa Ross guide you through her latest shawl design on her fun new MKAL.

Just as in her other designs, she’s carefully balanced the main colour against a collection of stunning mini skeins and you can rest assured the final result will be incredibly eye catching.

But for our kits, we’ve done something a little different…

Unlike most MKALs, where the pattern is adventurous but colours are fairly safe, we followed our instincts and dyed all the pattern’s contrasting colours in really complex, layered recipes which each feature a pop of unexpected colour that can’t be seen until you open up the skein….

And believe us, opening up those one-of-a-kind mini skeins to find their hidden colours is addictive!

The mini skeins for each set are dyed in the same seven dye baths (a red, an orange, a magenta, a grey, a purple, a turquoise, and a green).

But the complex layers that create those unique pops of hidden colour mean no two sets are exactly the same. Your final project will be completely unique!

Ready to join the adventure? Grab one of our Secret Forest Sets and cast on!