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Learn a Quick & Easy Technique to Choose Yarn for Colourwork!

Colourwork makes for some of the most exciting knitting and crochet projects — even when it’s something as simple as stripes. But when you’re holding two yarns in the skein, it can be really hard to accurately picture how they’ll work together. Will the colours blend? Will they pop? Will they clash or will they compliment?

And it can be especially difficult to choose yarns for colourwork when one or more of the colourways are variegated!

Holding two skeins next to each other gives you a good idea of how the colours will play together in your project. But because they’re just sitting side by side, there’s a disconnect that can be deceptive. In essence, they are big blobs of homogeneous colour that are only interacting along the one edge where they meet, and, honestly, that isn’t a great representation of how colour behaves in a knitting or crochet project.

Doing stocktake the other week, we kept finding ourselves stopping to pair up yarns into colour combos, It made for a pretty slow stocktake(!) but I realised there is a technique that we were using over and over that’s a simple and easy way to see how two (or more) yarns will work together in a project. Even when you’re trying to pair variegated yarns!

And I suddenly thought maybe not everyone is using this handy trick… So I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped some pics that I’ve put in a handy guide. It will show you how to use this quick and easy technique the next time you’re trying to put together colour combos. And it’s completely free, so download it today and start combining your skeins with more confidence!