February 13, 2016

Introducing Thoreau!

I’m delighted to introduce a delicious new CRAVE offering!

One-time Offer ⎜Limited Quantity ⎜16 colorways available
*free shipping through February 15th for the sweetheart holiday

THOREAU fingering (50/50 Yak & Silk) offers one of those sensory experiences that makes you believe in magic. It is so incredibly soft. It really does leave me full of wonder and cravings when I squeeze a skein of Thoreau.

This base takes colors in a softly muted fashion. It achieves saturated rich colors, but presents these colors as if they’ve been gently blanketed with a wisp of cloud.

A delightful attribute of Thoreau is that it blooms more than any other yarn base I’ve ever worked with; so much so that it knits up like the fingering that it is, but blocks out with such a wonderfully full stitch definition that you actually start to wonder if it wasn’t swapped for a dk in the wee hours of the night. It’s clearly a very proud fiber that blooms in preparation for the spotlight.