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Themed Quarterly Yarn Club

Still a little sore over Firefly’s cancellation?

Very much still in love with the Crew and the best goram ship in the ‘verse?

Want something to knit/crochet whilst you relive the joy of the series and the film?

Join us for the inaugural yarn club and the shiny, shiny theme! Sign ups are open here.

Third Vault Yarns has launched a new Themed Quarterly Yarn Club, so you can get some squishy yarn inspired by your favourite fandoms and some fun themed goodies too!

Every quarter starts with voting on three themes; At the end of the month one theme is chosen based on your votes and then sign ups open. Throughout the second month you get some glorious teasers of what’s in the box, but most of it will stay a mystery until you receive your club box in the last month of the quarter.

So what are you waiting for? Either sign up for the Firefly themed first club box or join the yarn club mailing list for more voting power and first dibs on next quarter! The mailing list can be subscribed to on our Facebook page.