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Is it Sweater Weather yet?! – Oh, and we restocked our Grace Bags

The high today in Central PA is finally less than 80, and I am! Spring and Summer were such a mess…not just because of COVID, but I had some major personal challenges, including losing my job that I was insanely passionate about. And while some view fall as a sign that all things change — “and yet, change mocks us with her beauty” (Thanks, Olaf!) — I love the promise of change. That none of these challenges are forever.

Wearing sweaters and leg warmers and wool socks and shawls and hats is always a bonus, of course! I’ve already been mapping out all the projects I plan on starting, in the hopes that I might finish one or two this year!

Which is why it’s a good thing our Grace Bags are back in stock! These are hands down my favorite bags, especially because I can have a project in it, plus a pattern pocket, PLUS a small project in it’s own Kellie bag in there!

This bag has been my go-to purse all summer, too. It’s so lightweight, and the strap makes it convenient, no matter which way I want to carry it.

I would love for you to tag me on Instagram @rocksoliddesigns with your fall projects, and let me know which season is your favorite!