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It’s a Knit-spiracy!

The Illumikniti are real! Starting today at 10 a.m. the first of several Knit-spiracy collections goes live on the website. Perhaps you are already a member of this secret society. Or perhaps you would like to join. From the Advanced Master to the new Apprentice, this collection offers a variety of products, kits, an enamel pin and two exclusive colorways named the Golden Age of Fleece and the New Knit Order.

Many of the items and kits are set up as a preorder. These items are only available for preorder through Sunday, July 1, unit 8 p.m. EDT. Orders will ship in late August/early September. Just click on the yarn tab and then click on Knit-spiracy collection to see all of the items available.

Some of these items may remain for a while, but like all good knit-spiracies you never how long they will stick around.