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It’s Stitch Marker Mania!!! (Buy two, get one FREE)

It’s that time of year again! Almost St. Patrick’s Day? Well, yes. Almost Spring? Well, yes, that, too. Daylight Savings Time? Yes. But we’re talking about “Stitch Marker Mania”!!! What’s Stitch Marker Mania, you ask? Stitch Marker Mania is when all MAB Elements stitch marker sets are buy two, get one FREE with coupon code ‘SMM2021’ at checkout. Just put any three stitch marker sets in your cart, enter the coupon code, and voila, your third set is free. Even the new Celtic Knot and Beer Bottle Cap stitch markers? Yes, indeed. And what’s even better is that any additional sets you purchase will be at the reduced price. That’s Stitch Marker Mania!

MAB Elements stitch markers come in a set with:
* Six snag-free fixed markers with a bead accent
* One beginning of the round marker with bead and charm
* plus seven coil-less bulb removable markers that can be used with the others to make them removable, or used by themselves for an additional seven markers
That’s potentially 14 stitch markers for only $8.95. Yep, that’s right only $8.95 regularly, and with your super duper discount code “SMM2021” it’s even less. That’s Stitch Marker Mania!

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