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Knight of the Lion Yarn Club Pre-Club

It’s time for the next yarn club from Round Table Yarns. Well, almost time. Before we begin, I’d like to invite you on a little pre-club adventure.

What Is a Pre-Club?
The story for the yarn club is based upon the tale of the Knight of the Lion. But before that knight’s story gets told, another knight, Sir Calogrenant, shares his own tale with those at Arthur’s court — a tale which is the catalyst for Yvain’s adventure into becoming the Knight of the Lion.

I’ve taken Sir Calogrenant’s story of his misadventure and created a special colorway for it. Because this part of the story comes before the main adventure, instead of having this color be part of the full club, I’m creating a special offer for it. You can order this color whether or not you plan to join the full club. It’s a taste of what a club shipment might be like without having to fully commit to the club.

Why Join the Pre-Club?
1. You love the color! (It’s not a surprise like the regular club will be.)
2. You love the base! (Also not a surprise.)
3. You can get a taste of what it is like to be part of the yarn club.
4. But you don’t have to commit to the full club if you join the pre-club.
5. If you do want to join the full club, you’ll get first access before it opens to everyone else.
6. You’ll find out why Calogrenant is so reluctant to tell his story to the other knights.
7. You won’t have to wait until the end of September for this color to be released outside the pre-club.

How to Join the Pre-Club
Click here to find out more information of this pre-club yarn and how it all works.