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Crown Wools MKAL

Who Loves Mini-skeins? Well, then you are in for a treat!

Who needs diamonds and rubies in tiaras and necklaces? We have our own version in our knitting! What do you mean you can’t knit jewels? Sure you can. Real crown jewels stay in a safe and are rarely enjoyed, but our Crown Wools do not. You will know your own shawl version inspired by the crown jewels and wear it like you own Buckingham Palace! And it’ll be SO MUCH BETTER than a bunch of diamond tiaras.

Designed to be a STATEMENT PIECE, go as crazy or as tame with your colors as you like. I plan to wear mine like a giant necklace wrapped around a couple of times with black or neutral colors on the rest of me… and unlike the crown jewels, the CROWN WOOLS can be worn everywhere, from subway to airplane, to wine store and Rubik’s Cube competitions.

Remember that jewels come in every color of the rainbow, so pink diamonds, orange rubies, etc. are encouraged. And if you think you just need a giant sapphire or all the shades of taupe and brown you can find, power to you!


1. The MKAL begins July 19. There are two clues per week over six weeks. The shape is a parallelogram, or asymmetric rectangle, similar in shape to Goldfish Memory. The design is done in 12 skeins of Miss Babs Toes and kits will be available in several colors from Miss Babs as well as other dyers.

2. Requires 12 different fingering weight mini skeins, 133 yards each; however, if you are stash diving or want to use smaller mini skeins, you can make up for it by just using more of them. As long as you like the colors in the order you place them, you will be just fine. Just continue to follow the clues and change yarns as needed.

3. Gradients, fades, or just colors that you like together, in order from 1-12, are all good choices. There will be very little mixing together of colors so don’t worry about that.

Read more about the colors here.

Signups will begin June 14, one month before the beginning of the MKAL – and feel free to post photos and ask color opinions in the Casapinka group.