June 8, 2018

Crown Wools MKAL

Who Loves Mini-skeins? Well, then you are in for a treat!

Who needs diamonds and rubies in tiaras and necklaces? We have our own version in our knitting! What do you mean you can’t knit jewels? Sure you can. Real crown jewels stay in a safe and are rarely enjoyed, but our Crown Wools do not. You will know your own shawl version inspired by the crown jewels and wear it like you own Buckingham Palace! And it’ll be SO MUCH BETTER than a bunch of diamond tiaras.

Designed to be a STATEMENT PIECE, go as crazy or as tame with your colors as you like. I plan to wear mine like a giant necklace wrapped around a couple of times with black or neutral colors on the rest of me… and unlike the crown jewels, the CROWN WOOLS can be worn everywhere, from subway to airplane, to wine store and Rubik’s Cube competitions.

Remember that jewels come in every color of the rainbow, so pink diamonds, orange rubies, etc. are encouraged. And if you think you just need a giant sapphire or all the shades of taupe and brown you can find, power to you!


1. The MKAL begins July 19. There are two clues per week over six weeks. The shape is a parallelogram, or asymmetric rectangle, similar in shape to Goldfish Memory. The design is done in 12 skeins of Miss Babs Toes and kits will be available in several colors from Miss Babs as well as other dyers.

2. Requires 12 different fingering weight mini skeins, 133 yards each; however, if you are stash diving or want to use smaller mini skeins, you can make up for it by just using more of them. As long as you like the colors in the order you place them, you will be just fine. Just continue to follow the clues and change yarns as needed.

3. Gradients, fades, or just colors that you like together, in order from 1-12, are all good choices. There will be very little mixing together of colors so don’t worry about that.

Read more about the colors here.

Signups will begin June 14, one month before the beginning of the MKAL – and feel free to post photos and ask color opinions in the Casapinka group.

April 11, 2018

Local Yarn Store Day

Since Local Yarn Store Day is April 21, let’s celebrate our small business owners who specialize in yarn! Not only do they create havens of inspiration, friendship and learning, small businesses are so important for the fiber of our community (in more ways than one).

If you buy yarn for my pattern “Local Yarn Shawl” on April 21 from any of the participating LYSs, you will be given the pattern for free. Many local yarn stores are doing special yarns for this, or you may of course choose your own.

The shawl comes in two sizes. Here, it is shown in one 560-yard skein of Fifty Shades of Gradient by Fiber Studio (the small shawl) or you may use two skeins of fingering weight yarn with at least 360 yards each. The large shawl is shown here in Primrose Yarn Company Sophia (the peach and pink) and Anzula Cloud (the white and purple).

Please take the time to visit your local yarn store on April 21 and support them with some love and yarn purchases.

March 12, 2018

Your Slip Is Showing

Your Slip Is Showing is an opportunity to make a large statement piece using a simple slipped stitch technique. It is meditative to knit as it flows from one color combination to the next in 12 different sections. It uses four different colors of yarn and lends itself to speckles, tonals or variegated colors, fade sets, or gradient colors. There is a schematic that allows you to plan your shawl colors using colored pens; use it to determine which color will show up at the beginning, middle and end of your project. Directions for this are described in the pattern. Make it bright or subtle, but make it your own!

December 29, 2017

Yondah Window

“Yondah Window” was designed to showcase two of my favorite yarns, the beautiful drape of Magpie Fibers Swanky Sock with the long color changes of Spincycle Dyed in the Wool.

Repeat after me: “Yondah Window” –
Now, you have used your Rhode Island accent to quote part of Romeo and Juliet!

“Yondah Window” is a boomerang shawl that uses slipped stitches to highlight the long Spincycle color changes. You never know what the next color change is and the shawl is a constant surprise! It looks like beautiful windows aglow in the cold, frosty Rhode Island winter which is why I’ve gifted you the RI (or Maine and Massachusetts) accent in this shawl.

Unsure of what colors look good together? Ask other group members in the Casapinka Group.

Final Measurements
72” long X 14” at deepest point

Shown in Magpie Swanky Sock in Masquerade
and Spincycle Dyed in the Wool in Rusted Rainbow.

November 17, 2017

Crunching Leaves Cowl

The Crunching Leaves Cowl is a simple cowl that allows two yarns to interact and create a woven effect. I used my favorite stitch, along with bulky yarn and some seed stitch to create a simple but cozy cowl that is a striking addition to a winter outfit. Made with two skeins of Dragonfly Fibres Super Traveller (shown here in Golden Compass and Silver Fox), or two skeins of bulky yarn, 100 yards each.

August 12, 2017

Non-Mystery KAL

If you’d like to pace yourself with a KAL that comes out in clues but is not a mystery, Moroccan Magique is an excellent way to do this. The rectangular wrap with short rows consists of five colors. One clue is released per week over six weeks. At the end, there will be a “Lagalong” for those who like a low pressure approach. There is one prize per week and there will also be a Lagalong prize. Please visit my Ravelry group if you’d like to discuss colors or join in.

September 23, 2016

One & Done

Do you have a skein of variegated yarn that you love? Perhaps you are unsure how to use it. One & Done is a pattern designed specifically for variegated yarn, using garter, rib and dropped stitches and can even be made with two skeins. You will love watching the strands formed between stitches as you drop them before knitting the border. One & Done is simple, portable, and made to celebrate your coveted yarn!

July 29, 2016

Variegated Love

For some reason, I never tire of variegated yarn, especially when combined with a nice solid to tone it down. I wanted to show you two designs that are both simple, “beach takers” as I call them. You’ll quickly get the hang of them and can dodge sand and sunscreen as you sit under your umbrella and take breaks to boogie board!

Both require 2 skeins of sock/fingering yarn (any brand is fine.)

Painted Windows is a boomerang shaped shawl and Rainbow Warrior is a top down-crescent shawl.

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