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La Bandanita – A lightweight cowl perfect for spring!

  • A woman wears a gray and white mosaic bandana.

My 4-year-old daughter has recently fallen in love with the rodeo, especially calf roping (despite having never been on a horse — something that I need to fix!).

Growing up, horses were my passion — I would muck stalls all day if that meant I got to hang out in the stables! It’s so fun to see that reflected in her interests.

This lightweight mosaic cowl is perfect for anyone wanting to get in touch with their cowgirl, bandit, bank robber, you-name-it side!

Mosaic or slip stitch knitting makes colorwork a breeze, only one color is used at a time! This pattern comes with two options (you will get both!): a lightweight two-color fingering weight version, or a slightly warmer three-color DK-weight version.