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Lazy Summer Lace

I had planned to run my second annual lace sale during the dog days of summer, when those hot, humid days are perfect for working on large, complicated but featherweight projects. Considering many of us are staying close to home this summer, it seemed silly to wait. Now’s the perfect time to cast on that tempting lace project that’s been languishing in your queue forever.

When I started knitting and crocheting in 2007, lace shawls were all the rage. Many of the most beloved indie dyers of the time included lace bases in their ranges. These days very few dyers do, few LYS stock it and honestly, not many people buy it. But every time I promote some on social media a wave of covert lace lovers come out of the woodworks, so I am committed to continuing to dye three different lace bases. Some things you just do out of love, and this is one of those for me.

Siren Lace is an 80/20 Merino/silk 2 ply. Each ply has a tight twist, plied together a bit loosely making it perfect for showing off complex lace patterns that are light and airy, with a soft sheen from the silk.

Harbour Lace is my Merino Singles base which works up beautifully in both shawls and sweaters. It’s perfect for those shawls that are a combo of garter stitch and lace patterns. The soft halo gives a sumptuous feel but the Superwash finish really helps prevent any pilling.

Yakima Lace is my favorite of all. A Merino, silk and yak blend spun as a single, its natural light silvery brown color adds dramatic depth to its after-dye color, the silk adds an iridescent sheen and the singles construction plus the yak down adds a subtle halo. I choose really saturated colors for this base and they really shine.

All told there are around 40 different lace options in my Etsy store and all will be 15% off for the remainder of June, no code required.