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Lazy Summer Lace Sale 2021

One of the benefits of running my own business is that I can sometimes choose to do things just for the love it. My biggest indulgence is offering not one, but three different lace weight bases. Out of fashion these days, it is not going to pay the bills, but I feel good knowing that the lace knitters out there can still feed their habits.

I’ve dyed some old favorites as well as some of my newest colors from other bases.

Harbour Lace is my Merino singles base which works up beautifully in both shawls and sweaters. It’s perfect for those shawls that are a combo of garter stitch and lace patterns. The soft halo gives a sumptuous feel but the superwash finish really helps prevent any pilling.

Siren is an 80/20 Merino/silk 2ply. Each ply has a tight twist, plied together a bit loosely making it perfect for showing off complex lace patterns that are light and airy, with a soft sheen from the silk.

Yakima Lace is my favorite of all. A Merino, silk and yak blend spun as a single, its natural light silvery brown color adds dramatic depth to its after-dye color, the silk adds an iridescent sheen and the singles construction plus the yak down adds a subtle halo. I choose really saturated colors for this base and they really shine.

My annual Lazy Summer Lace sale is my tribute to you and my thank you for letting me dye these favorite bases. All colors in all three are 20% off until August 16. No code required, discount will appear at check out.

In other sale news, my LaMer base (40% Merino, 40% llama, 20% nylon) is going bye-bye, not by choice. Sadly, I can’t get any more. Happily, I’ve found a suitable replacement that will make its appearance at the Indie Untangled Rhinebeck trunk show in October but I have to make space for it on the shelves. Happily for you, this means you can purchase what’s left at a deep discount, I’ve marked down the remaining eight colors in stock to 50% off. A great deal for this super soft base with a beautiful, subtle halo!