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Lily of the Valley – Wicked Seeds

The Wicked Seeds monthly club is a 12-month long release of colors inspired by poisonous plants and their lore on a new and exclusive to this club base. Each color will be released ready to ship on the first Saturday of each month starting March 5, 10am ET

Nectar: 60% SW Merino 20% Yak 20% Silk | 100G | 400yds
Nectar has a stunning shine and deep grey base creating a moody depth to the colors that make this club sing.

March: Lily of the Valley
This small delicate bell white flower appears in the first moments of spring. While the Victorians use this flower to symbolize peace, happiness and harmony it is also called the harbinger of death. All parts of this plant from the leaves to the red berries that grow after flowering are highly poisonous, even ingesting a small amount brings on reduced heart rate, blurred vision, vomiting and more. Its only medicinal use had been distilling the flower becoming so effective against strokes and similar ailments it was stored in gold and silver vessels.