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Mini Madness at the Knitting Artist!

I recently had my largest shop update in a while and am very excited to announce that it contained minis! For all those mini-skein projects you’ve got in your queue, I have a plenty of options to help you start knitting!

First, for those who want a full set, I now have 8 different sets available in my shop. Each set is inspired by my variegated skeins of yarn, which in turn are inspired by my own original artwork. Because of their inspiration source, some sets have 5, while some have 6 minis, and are priced accordingly. The minis themselves are 20g/92 yards each, and a 2-ply 75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon. While not the same content as my “Light” yarn, they would still pair well with any full skeins I have because of their 2-ply base.

The other update I have is the limited availability of socks sets. A pair containing my full skein variegated sock yarn on 75% SW Merino, 25% nylon 4ply sock yarn with a 20g mini of the same base, these are great for those who wish to add a color pop for their heels and toes! Available in select colors, more will be added throughout the summer.