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More logo bags in the shop, exclusive Untangling Snapdragons and free shipping for orders $75+

I still can’t believe that Rhinebeck is over. My stash, on the other hand, is still very much present, and a great reminder of such a wonderful weekend. I’m sure you also have plenty of projects planned, or already on the needles, so there’s some good news: The Indie Untangled shop is stocked with some project bags and a yarn bowl all ready to ship. There’s also a Loopy Lulu bag featured in the Untangling kits, and Vicki of That Clever Clementine also created Snapdragon notions pouches in the Untangling fabric.

I’ve also decided to keep the excitement of Black Friday going, and I’m offering free U.S. shipping on bag orders of $75 or more! There’s also free U.S. shipping on two or more skeins of Berry Colorful Yarnings and three or more sets of buttons from Buttonalia. If you are interested in orders from multiple shops, I am happy to combine orders and refund any extra shipping.