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More Mindful End Minders to Add to Your Menagerie

This month I’ve added three new critters to the end minder lineup. The new playful pups and curious kittens are here to stay. The Mindful Manatees are a March limited edition exclusive. 🙂 

First, we have the Playful Pups! These pups can’t wait to pounce on your project. Like the Lovable Lambs, they’ll happily play tug of war with your loose ends to hold six inches to one yard of lace, fingering, or sport weight yarn snug against your stitches. A one-foot yarn length will give them the cutest tummies possible. 

Next, we have the Curious Kittens!  Like their real-life counterparts, these cutie pies can’t wait to chase down your yarn tails. They’re purrfectly content to sit on your yarn joins and make those multi-skein projects even more pawspurrous.

Last, but certainly not least we have the Mindful Manatees! These gentle giants are ready to float on the edge of your project keeping cast-on tails and loose ends tamed for supremely serene stitching. The more yarn they hold, the cuter they get. These meditating, mindful Manatees are only here for March, so bring home a set today to make your crafting efforts go swimmingly!