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New hoppy End Minders: Bunny hugs!

The Suavest Sheep have had so much fun on your projects that they’ve recruited other fluffy friends to join the flock. Nobunny likes cast on tails getting tangled or accidentally knit with. Bunny Hugs to the rescue!

Each set arrives in its own crystal burrow for easy transport. Help them hop onto your projects by holding your yarn end to their heart, wrapping the yarn around, and pressing it into the slot behind their perky ears.

Hugs don’t work as well from a distance, and it’s the same case here. The closer your Bunny to your project, the better the hug!

As is the case with the Suavest Sheep, each batch of Bunny Hugs is 3-D printed in my home studio with PLA-a non-toxic material made from plant-based, renewable resources.

For their grand debut, these helping hares are happy to appear in two colorways of fluff. Will your Bunny Hugs be snow-white or speckled gray?

These animal shaped end minders are a type of notion I invented to solve the problem of cast on tails. My knit group introduced me to the bread tag trick, but those often got tangled in my working yarn and, let’s face it, they aren’t that pretty to look at.Then inspiration struck, I could make something that both looks and functions better. Thus began the process of designing and testing many version of sheep to create the best version. While the sheep were the first version to be released it was always my intent to gradually create more animal shapes to add to the menagerie.