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New Peacock Colourways at My Mama Knits

Time to introduce the inspiration for my latest colour series. Meet Herman and Marguerite, the resident peafowl pair from At Birkhill House in the Scottish Borders.

Peacocks have enchanted me since childhood. Their indescribable ever-shifting colours are almost otherworldly. And yet they are noisy and territorial enough to be a somewhat common substitute for guard dogs. I have wanted to play with their colours in the dye pots for a long time, but always put the idea aside for other projects. I mean, loads of dyers do a peacock colourway. Does the world need another?

Then the stars seemed to conspire and I started volunteering at Birkhill, where Herman has provided me with a variety of fleeting faraway glimpses and up-close encounters that started with a single stray tail feather which I found on the road. So, suffice to say, the call of the dye pots grew stronger and I’m excited to finally share the results. I hope you like them. For the months of February and March, a portion of sales will be donated to Birkhill to help expand their fibre program, among other things.

Being involved at Birkhill has been a real blessing to both myself and my daughter. The healing energies of animals and crafts are so important and I think even more powerful when combined. I so want to help ensure their success, so others can also benefit from the magic space of positivity that Lara is trying to create. Check them out if you can. There are not just peacocks to love. Fibre enthusiast will appreciate their gorgeous alpacas and Castlemilk Moorit sheep!