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New Product Announcement!

Hey Hey Everyone! As I have been spending more and more time at home with my kids, I’ve been itching to start creating new things and do more sewing myself.

I have had a few requests for something like this, so finally — introducing our yarn sleeves! I’m excited about these for a number of reasons:

1 – they are SUPER fun to sew. Seriously. Zigzag stitches are the best, and I get to play with my serger!
2 – I’ve decided to do more custom fabrics in general for my items, and so choosing fabrics has become such a super fun practice
3 – these work so well in conjunction with our project bags to keep your yarn separate, tidy, and unbarf-y!

To start out, we are launching with six different designs — a bee print to match the bags we have in stock, plus some new ones geared towards all of my sci-fi nerds, and some fun holiday ones.

These sleeves are 4″ tall, with a 9″ diameter. The sample photo here has 200yds of worst weight (cascade 220) in it – so these are perfect for yarn cakes of almost any size.

I hope you all enjoy these, because I am LOVING making them for you!