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All the HOLIDAY Stitch Marker GIFT SETS! For Your Shopping Pleasure!

For those of us who are so lucky to have a knitter in their lives, the biggest quandary of all is: WHAT TO GET A KNITTER AS A GIFT? Obviously, a knitter LOVES yarn, needles, tools, etc… but it’s so hard to work out what the best yarn would be, or what kind of needles a knitter prefers. Gift certificates kind of work, but it’s always fun to have something to unwrap — in particular if that something to unwrap is SHINY! Or perhaps you need a gift for your knitting self, in which case, I say SHINY!

Each set ordered will come lovingly wrapped in a red pillow box with gold cord, ready for putting in a stocking, placing under a tree, or immediately ripping open with delight for use!


REGULAR SIZE BOX GIFT SET — Each set contains 25 markers: two sets of ten markers in different sizes (random fabulous colors), and five movable markers, in a handy storage box.

SUPER SIZE BOX GIFT SET — Each set contains 40 markers: two sets of 15 markers in different sizes (again, random fabulous colors), and two sets of five movable markers, in a handy storage box.

To further confuse you, there are two varieties available in each box size: “MIDDLE OF THE ROAD,” which contains round markers in US6/4mm, round markers in US10/6mm, and Reversa-Clippy double sided markers. “YOU’RE SO SQUARE,” which contains square beaded markers in US6/4mm, square markers in US8/5mm, and Reversa-Clippy double sided markers.



WHAT THE #%@&! CROCHET HOOK WAS I USING? — You know how it is… you’re working on a crochet project, and then you set it down or put it in “time out” for a while, but the crochet hook was separated from the project. You pick it up, and now you can’t remember which hook you were using! You can guess, but that might turn out to be a mistake. Each marker is on a gold leverback earring hook, which will lock in place, so it won’t come out of your project. The clasp should fit on almost all yarns, up to super bulky! Set of all eight available letters: F, G, H, I, J, K, L, and M.


SUPER KITTY FUN FUN SET! — The internet is DEFINITELY made for cats! This super set of stitch markers will be perfect for your knitting cat lover! This set comes with: 10 “Los Gatos Estan Todos en su Punto!” size US17/13mm stitch markers, 10 “Kittehs Can and Did Haz Cheezburger” size US13/9mm stitch markers, 10 “The Internet Is Made of Cats!” size US10/6mm stitch markers, and one “Kittehs Has Founds Yarnia!” Big Clippy Progress Keeper, all wrapped up in the red pillow box as shown.


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