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Nimbus – Free Hat Pattern

Nimbus means a luminous cloud or halo around a supernatural being or a large gray rain cloud. I designed this hat to have a cable crown to show the world your inner supernatural strength. Not only on the good days but also on the days when a gray rain cloud may be hovering over you.

This hat was designed on smaller needles to create a very dense fabric and fit snug when worn. I did this intentionally. It has been my personal experience with knit hats that they tend to stretch with time. The goal for having such tight stitches and a dense fabric is to try and keep this from happening. For more information on this pattern, yarn requirements, and materials needed you can download your free copy from the blog on my website or by going to Ravelry.

I have also added some hat kits to the website which can be used for Nimbus or for any hat the requires DK and Lace held together. Each kit comes with two skeins of yarn and a free coordinating pom pom.