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#OneAday: a new challenge

For the month of April, I set myself a challenge: publish one bag a day on both my Instagram profile and my shop.

20 of these bags were sewn during the month of March 2022. The remaining 10 never made it to Instagram. All these bags are UNIQUE and NUMBERED: if you fell in love with one and want to buy it, don’t hesitate: there is just one of each bag and once is sold, is gone forever!

The month is nearly over and almost all the bags are published (to end on the 30th with a BANG! Look at the last picture for a sneak peek!) and you can see all the bags in my shop and my Instagram feed!

All bags have a number and I won’t make them again in the future. There will be similar bags, maybe, but nothing identical. They also give a perspective on what you could expect in the upcoming months. I will play with colours, features, different closures, shapes, prints…

Dig in and let me transport you in my world, modelled around novel and special colours, unique prints, and practical shapes, to make your next project bag truly unique!