May 28, 2021

New made-to-order bags

A collage of white bags and a color palette.

I am very happy and proud to present you the latest happy creations from our Atelier: made-to-order bags!

I have created a whole collections of six different bags that I will make to order to your own specifications and choices, in a striking palette of hand-dyed colours!

The materials: I use only natural materials. The bags are all made with organic cotton, cotton webbing, and metal gears.

The colour palette: inspired by Sicily, an Italian region close to my heart, all the colours are bold, striking and unique.

The dyes: I use fiber reactive dyes: minimal waste of water, sticking results, lasting over time and lightfast.

The prints: from linocut to screen-printing, all the prints I add to bags come from my own design and I print them with water based ink.

The bags: from small to huge, you can choose among different model of bags: choose the one that suits you best and I will make it for you in the colour you choose!

The customisations: from strap length to colours and different closures, you can really customise your bag to the smallest detail!

Every bag is accompanied by a video showing you how to make your choices and place an order.
I will be very happy to help you and guide you in your choices: fell free to contact me if you need any advice placing your order!

And last, but not least, I have a discount for you: 10€ off this weekend for your made to order bag(s) with code INDIE06

As all the bags are made to order, please be patient: I am a solo operation, and depending on the queue your bag will be ready in 1 to 3 weeks time.

November 10, 2020

Unique prints for special knitters

  • A white tote with a black floral print.
  • A blue and white patterned tote bag.

In this strange times we may find comfort in many different ways: art, nature, knitting… At La Cave à Laine we find comfort in making. Besides our Aquarelle collections of hand-dyed project bags, we have just released a composite collection of different bags, in new model and fabric.

There are the Llama bags, made with sturdy cotton printed especially for this collection. From small to huge, this bags are high in colour and fun! Because where you can find more fun than in a llama with a Fair Isle sweater? All Llama bags features heavy-weight cotton, cotton handles and multiple pockets in the inside.

And then there are also the special linocut bags. Starting from white cotton and a piece of linoleum, these bags are unique in every way. Each design was carved from a drawing inspired by my love for geometry and the nature I see around me. From lines to flowers, some bags are minimalistic blac-and-white creations, whereas others features some accent colours. Most of the contrasting fabrics are waterproof, making them the perfect bags to be carried around. All feature zippered closures and an array of pockets on the inside.

As always with La Cave à Laine bags, these capsule collections are unique and wont be repeated.

The shop is also updated with a vast array of tools and notions, and special treats for upcoming holidays. And for the whole month of November you can enjoy free shipping with code “HAPPYKN20!”

September 28, 2020

Happy Knitting Boxes

  • A box with a photo of a yellow tote and straw hat.

Are you ready to make all your fiber friends happy?

I am delighted to introduce you to Happy Knitting Boxes: four different boxes with a selection of our best accessories for fiber lovers, including hand-dyed (or hand-printed) project bags, unique stitch markers, wool soap, and knitting patterns. Boxes contain an array of handmade and handpicked items of the highest quality, made in France or Europe, by us at La Cave à Laine, or by our trusted collaborators.

All boxes are completely religion and gender neutral, allowing you to enjoy it in every season and to give it as a present to all your friends. They come in cardboard boxes and every component of each box, from the mailer bag to the last of the wrapping, is entirely recyclable.

Allow me to present each and every box:

– Happy Knitting Box Lite: a hand-printed tote bag, notions, and printed knitting patterns.
– Happy Knitting Box: a hand-dyed and handmade project bag, notions, wool bar soap, and printed patterns.
– Happy Knitting Box Yarn Edition: a choice between a skein of hand-dyed Merino fingering or hand-dyed kid-silk, plus a hand-dyed and handmade project bag, notions, and printed patterns.
– Happy Knitting Box Deluxe: a knitting kit composed of two skeins of hand-dyed yarn and a hand-dyed cotton pouch, a hand-dyed and handmade project bag, notions, and printed patterns.

September 10, 2020

The Aquarelle Collection is here: Hand-dyed project bags

  • A cotton bag with handles dyed peach.
  • A stack of colorful bags.

Rediscover colours with our special collection of organic cotton project bags hand-dyed and handmade in our atelier in Alsace, France.

*The cotton is organic*
This collection is made entirely of organic cotton, both the outer fabric and the lining. The cotton is sourced from European suppliers extremely conscious and aware of all the ecological and social problems involved in the supply chain.

*The dyes are fiber reactive*
The dyes I chose to create my colours are fiber reactive dyes: they blend with the fiber and will permanently stay there. No bleeding, no fading! I have longly debated with myself if to use natural dye or chemical dyes: I have read tons of literature on both choices, considering both the tinctorial proprieties and the ecological impact.

At the end I have chosen fiber reactive dyes: they last longer, they environmental impact is minor (see below), they do not fade and are light fast.

*The Technique is Unique*
The technique I have developed to create all these intense colour nuances is rather unique.

Each bag is dye individually, making it exceptional and distinctive.

I cut and wash all cotton before beginning the dyeing process. I then batch dye similar colours in small sessions. Each piece of fabric is dyed by itself: it is the only way I can control the effect I want to achieve and the intensity of the colours.

*The Process is Mindful*
In developing my dyeing technique I have payed the uttermost attention to use as less water as possible.

Each bag is dyed with less than 10 cl (3.5oz) of water. As I apply a special technique I have developed, before each dyeing session I calculate exactly how much dye I should make and use.
If there is some dye left I then use it to dye the lining fabric or even some bags pieces and handles.

*The Final Touches are conscious*
Once every bag is dyed and cured for 48 hours (at least), I plan the last fixing wash.

I batch similar colours together, saving not only water but also electricity.

I use my handmade unscented Marseille Soap washing liquid, and vinegar to fix the dye.

Once the rinsing water from the washing machine is completely clear, the fixing process is complete and eternal. I then let each bag dry before the first ironing.

*The Sewing is by Me*
Once the dyeing process is done, then there is the sewing left.

I sew everything myself, with the occasional help of my mother, in my atelier in Alsace, France.

I decide colour pairing, thread colours (all cotton!) and handles.

Each bag is sewn with the highest attention to details: each stitch is loved. The occasional rogue stitch can escape our watchful eyes, but there is no end to the perfect finishing touches.

June 24, 2020

The Summer Collection is here!

  • A white and blue bucket back with a white strap.

Summer is here!

Imagine the birds singing, the crickets joining them, the wind soughing, and a nice shadowy spot, maybe under a tree. ⁠

And not imagine taking out your knitting…⁠

But wait! From what are you taking it? ⁠From a sad and old plastic bag, filled with holes made by your needles?⁠ Or from an elegant bag, handmade with soft cotton in small batches in France?⁠

Life is made of choices, isn’t it?⁠

At La Cave à Laine, we made some:

– 100% cotton! No plastic or animal-derivate materials! All our bags are made of natural fabrics!
– 100% practical, without compromising on style: pockets, small details and big spaces, our project bags are the ultimate practical bag.
– 100% zero waste, as we use to the last bit of fabric. We develop all our bag lines with a very pragmatic approach, designing each shape to make the most out of our fabrics!

Are you ready to pack your summer knitting for an adventure?

April 21, 2020

Buy one get one free

  • A woman wearing a pink shawl and the words Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! Fight quarantine with knitting! No code needed
  • A mint green knit shawl sits on a woman's shoulders.

In these strange times, we all need comfort and calm. We need homemade cooking, we need the comfort of endless rows of garter stitch, we need our loved ones near us and our hearts. We need someone asking us: how are you doing? We need smiles and lightness!

Whilst I could do something about the cooking (I used to be a food blogger), I can do a lot about the comfort knitting! All my self published patterns are on promo: *buy one get one free!* No code needed! Just put two of my pattern in your Ravelry cart and the less expensive one will be free!

If you are looking for stunning shawls, hats and cowls made easy and with impeccable instructions to follows, you are in the right place!

You will find a selection of one skein shawls, some mindless, others a bit more complicated. Some big shawls, some little hats, some cowls. Some brioche, some lace, a lot of garter stitch, some stockinette. Some strange shapes, some traditional shapes but with a twist.

All patterns are written out, even when lace is involved (in which case you will also find a chart), with row stitch count, and clear written instructions in 3 languages (English, French and Italian). All patterns are, of course, professionally tech edited to ensure you a flawless knitting experience.

Ready to have some knitting fun?

March 11, 2020

New Cross Body Bags

  • A two-toned pink bag with a blue strap.

Our Cross Body bags just got an upgrade!
They now feature a fully detachable and adjustable cross body straps!

Some of the bags feature coated cotton. It is a special coated cotton, from Le Jacquard Français, an historical textile brand created in the Vosges (very near my home) in 1861.

Some of the bags feature soft cotton in dazzling colours and patterns.

All bags have:
– a generous pocket, three big and one for a pen or crochet hook

– drawstring cotton cord

– long crossbody strap or wrist strap (easily recognisable in the pictures)

– interiors lined with soft light weight cotton

– crossbody straps that are completely detachable and adjustable

– non-repeatable fabric patterns: once they are gone, they gone forever

– a super light weight, just over 120g for the biggest

– a lot of space, and they can carry several skeins of yarn

– super soft cotton

All bags are handmade by me in France, from the cutting, the washing, and the sewing, all to the last thread!

And if you are worried about me going to queue at the post to send your orders, rest assured: I self stamp all your orders in my atelier and I then slip them in the mailbox! It is sure, it is practical, and it will reach safely your home!

January 29, 2020

The Origami are back!

  • An orange bag.

Special Indie Untangled promotion: with each project bag you will receive a set of our bespoken Skull Stitch Markers! One head (literally) and 4 beaded companions! Be sure to put them both in your cart!

You knit and/or crochet, and you have style: it is now time to show it to the world with THE ultimate project bag!

Versatile, unique, incredibly light, our project bags are perfect to carry your knitting everywhere! You can leave them in your purse, hang them on your wrist or on a chair armrest, or simply let them lie on the floor.

Made with sturdy, yet soft, cotton, these project bags are the ultimate temptation to your knitting, carrying up to three skeins of yarn!

100% Cotton
Our project bags are made only with cotton, from thread to fabric. The whole process is handmade in France, and fabrics are carefully chosen from trusted suppliers.

Extra Light
Our project bags weight around 100g, making them the lightest project bags you have ever held in your hands. Fill them with yarn and love!

Our project bags are completely washable, as there is no interfacing or other materials that could interfere with a water bath. And they are also foldable to snug them in your purse!

Lighten up you winter with this colourful collection of handy yet stylish project bags!

Special Indie Untangled promotion: with each project bag you will receive a set of our bespoken Skull Stitch Markers! One head (literally) and 4 beaded companions!

June 18, 2019

Yarn baskets for your summer knitting

  • Red and pink project bags for knitting.

Lying on the beach or sitting beside the fireplace, knitting is always at our side!

These yarn baskets, handmade in my atelier in Alsace, are the perfect companion of your knitting.

Practical, stylish and spacious, they can easily carry a sweater project, perfect to follow you around during your vacation!

Light as a feather, they feature three pockets and a functional draw string to close it up and keep it safe from falling.

If you are looking for the perfect, light and stylish yarn basket, free standing by your side, but also to transport your precious knitting and crochet around, go no further!

Carefully curated fabrics, along with modern colours, create a basket that is pleasing to the eye and to the touch, but also very handy with its colourful pocket.

The Super Gioia Yarn Basket is made up of a durable cotton canvas, lined with soft light cotton, two handy handles and a super pocket divided in three handy compartments, all in vibrant colours. There is no interfacing or anything plastic to making it stand up.

Exclusively conceived by La Cave à Laine for the knitters and crocheters, it is the big perfect yarn basket.

It can also be easily folded and used as a small carry on bag, always ready to welcome new yarn or groceries.

Super Gioia means huge joy in Italian.

*Sewing Nerd Alert*: the thread, 100% cotton, is always matching the fabric, so if the outer layer is red and the lining is yellow, the thread will be red for the outside and yellow for the inside.

May 13, 2019

Hand-printed tote Bags

  • A cream tote bag with the words Knit Knit Knit in red.

Since last year I have fallen into the wonderful world of linocut! A variant of woodcut, linocut was used for the first time at the beginning of the 20th century, by the German expressionist group Die Brücke. Not to be confounded by general block printing (which normally uses some kind of rubber) linocut uses linoleum, a natural material made from linseed oil, rosin, wood flour, cork, limestone, pigments and jute. So all natural and recyclable: when I am finished with a block I put it in the compost in my garden!

Carving a block of lino is one of the most satisfying activity I have ever tried! The next logical step was to apply all this happiness and joy to my work!

And then the Linocut Tote where born!

These totes are big enough to help you carry around your yarn or your groceries. They are foldable, and you can always keep them in your purse, to hold your last shopping spree!

They are made of 100% cotton and hand printed by me with my original drawing, hand carved in linoleum. Every tote is part of a very small batch of numbered pieces and they won’t be replicated in the future in these

All prints have some kind of connection to my life:
– #Tricot: I live in France, and tricot means knitting in french. If you share something about knitting #tricot is the go to hashtag!
– Stripes and pipes is a variant of my original drawing that I created last year for a limited edition of zip pouches.
– Gortyna, inspired by the many dry wild carrots flowers we have seen near Gortyna, Crete, Greece, during our 2018 summer vacation.
– Knit Knit Knit is what we all want to do in our spare time 🙂
There are only few items available for each design: hurry up!