April 15, 2022

#OneAday: a new challenge

  • A bag with gold leaves.
  • A gray, blue and gold zip bag with an orange tassel.
  • A blue and pink tote bag.
  • A double zipper bag, in light blue, pink and grey.
  • A pink and orange drawstring bag with pink handles.
  • A red velvet bag.

For the month of April, I set myself a challenge: publish one bag a day on both my Instagram profile and my shop.

20 of these bags were sewn during the month of March 2022. The remaining 10 never made it to Instagram. All these bags are UNIQUE and NUMBERED: if you fell in love with one and want to buy it, don’t hesitate: there is just one of each bag and once is sold, is gone forever!

The month is nearly over and almost all the bags are published (to end on the 30th with a BANG! Look at the last picture for a sneak peek!) and you can see all the bags in my shop and my Instagram feed!

All bags have a number and I won’t make them again in the future. There will be similar bags, maybe, but nothing identical. They also give a perspective on what you could expect in the upcoming months. I will play with colours, features, different closures, shapes, prints…

Dig in and let me transport you in my world, modelled around novel and special colours, unique prints, and practical shapes, to make your next project bag truly unique!

February 2, 2022

A surprise Sock Club – Le 3 stagioni di Ottolenghi

  • C olourful tassels from middle-eastern markets, the logos of the makers, Penny Lane Yarns and La Cave à Laine.
  • Spices, food, fruits, and colourful tassels from middle-eastern markets.
  • A pile of book by Yotam Ottolenghi and some fresh produce.

Creation is all about passion. And if you are in love with colours, then you probably love cooking as much as you love knitting!

And if there is one name that flies out if you mention cooking and colours together it is for sure Yotam Ottolenghi.

It is therefore quite naturally that we wanted to pay tribute to his cuisine, his flavours, his colours by creating a series of boxes inspired by his books.

Let us present you our special sock knitting boxes Le Tre Stagioni di Ottolenghi (The Three Seasons of Ottolenghi).

It is a Yarn&Bag club: a series of three surprise boxes rich in colours and flavours in homage to the wonderful Middle Eastern cuisine.

Each box will have:

– 1 skein of Foot Lane from Penny Lane Yarns dyed exclusively for this occasion by Deborah in Zürich, Switzerland, 75% merino / 25% polyamide, 100 g / 425m – 465 yd
– 1 sock pattern created by Sara (with code for download, available in English, French and Italian)
– 1 project bag exclusively created, dyed and/or printed by Sara from La Cave à Laine
– Surprises!

You can choose to buy one, two or the three boxes altogether and receive them throughout 2022:
– Box 1 March 2022
– Box 2 August 2022
– Box 3 October 2022

There is a limited number of boxes, so be quick!

January 25, 2022

Bundles of Joy: the final week!

  • Sn image collage of spring flowers, a sunset and the sea and the text Bundles of joy.
  • An array of black and white bags.
  • An array of patchwork bags.
  • An array of colourful bags.
  • A black and white bag and a light-skinned person putting an hand in its pocket.
  • A light-skinned person wearing a black and white wristlet.

This infinite January is finally coming to an end!

In the Northern hemisphere the birds are back singing in the sunny spots, happily flying between the trees!

In this spirit of joy and rejuvenation, this week’s Bundles of Joy will be very special!

As we enter the final installment of the January’s Bundles of Joy, I made an executive decision to give you a very special one-time possibility to shop the whole of the 2021 bag production with the special promotion of buy two and the least expensive will be 50% off!

How does it work?
– Choose two items from the collection and put them in your cart
– The least expensive will be 50% off!
There is no code: the discount will be automatic in the the cart! The discount will be valid for the whole weekend, but no later than Sunday 30th January midnight CET.

January 18, 2022

Bundles of Joy Week 2: Swimming in the Sea

  • Different images of the sea and the text Bundles of Joy.
  • Two bags with blue tone, a pile of hand-dyed linen and some cotton dyed in blue.
  • Two bags with blue tone, a pile of hand-dyed cotton in rainbow, some cotton dyed in blue.
  • A close up of a gray bag and its pale blue zipper.
  • A blue drawstring bag with teal and pink speckled yarn coming out of it.
  • A close up on a bag made with pale blue, pink and purple cotton.

It’s week 2 of the Bundles of Joy!

Every week of January I will present you with a curated collection of bags that are bundled together to bring you joy!

Week 2: Swimming in the Sea!

I don’t know you, but I always dream of the sea! Being born in Italy, the sea was never too far. Now that I live in Alsace the sea is quite far! So I like to dream it and to bring it to you through my colours!

How does it work? Simple! Choose two items from the page and the least expensive will be 50% off! There is no code: the discount will be automatic in the the cart! The discount will be valid for the whole weekend, but no later than Sunday midnight CET. Let the sun shine!

January 12, 2022

Introducing: Bundles of Joy, Week 1

  • Three images of sunset and sunrise.
  • Two skeins of yellow yarn and cotton bags in hand-dyed colours.
  • Cotton bags in hand-dyed colours.
  • Three cotton bags in hand-dyed colours with a vase of flowers.

To start the year with the right foot let me introduce you to the Bundles of Joy!

Every week of January I will present you with a curated collection of bags that are bundled together to bring you joy!

Let’s begin this week with the first bundle: The Sun Is Shining!

If, like me, you live in the Northern hemisphere, the days are short and sun is a rare sight! With this bundle I am bringing you a bit of sunshine in your life!

How does it work?
Simple! Choose two items from the page and the least expensive will be 50% off!
There is no code: the discount will be automatic in the the cart!
The discount will be valid for the whole weekend, but no later than Sunday midnight CET.

Let the sun shine!

November 21, 2021

Black is Black

  • A white woman holding a natural colored tote bag with a black print.

Only for this weekend, until Sunday 28th November, for every order over 60€ you will get 10€ off (basically free shipping and a bit).

The Black&White collection is the most minimalistic collection I have ever created. Black and white cotton adorned with hand-printed organic shapes in a multitude of different bag sizes.

Among all the usual features present in all my bags (internal pocket, 100% natural materials, handcrafted), the bags in this collections also presents other highlights:
– The Tote Bags have 2 external pockets: one in front, hand printed, and one in the back. They also have handles and a long crossbody (59″). They measure 13″ x 12.5″
– The Wristlet Bags have a long wristlet with a handy lobster clap to hang it everywhere. They measure 12.5″ x 8.5″
– The Super Gioia Bags also feature either a crossbody or long handles, a drawstring closure and some have external pockets. They measure 11″ x 9.5″
– The Gioia Bags are our small bags (2 to 3 skeins of yarn), and for this collection we added some zipper closures to two of them. They measure 11″ x 7″

November 16, 2021

Ethereal Linen

  • A white linen tote bag with a panel of blue and purple fabric.

Linen is an interesting material. Stiffer then cotton, it has the incredible quality to soften with use.

If you are following me in my colour discovery journey, you have seen me dye many colours, mainly on cotton. I have also experimented on linen.

The linen I use comes from Lithuania and I buy the unbleached and un-dyed linen mixed with cotton, which means that I dye over the natural colour: a mix of beige and light grey.

This of course has some influence on the final colour, giving it a more ethereal aura.

Hand-dyed, handprinted, patchwork, all the Linen collection has an ethereal aura that will transport you directly to an elven realm.

November 1, 2021

Happy Knitting Boxes are back!

  • A red bow on a box and the words Happy Knitting Boxes.

Our beloved Happy Knitting Boxes this year got a revamp and are back to delight all knitters! New and improved from their launch last year, they are the perfect gift for all your beloved knitter friends.

From the Lite to Deluxe, there is a box for every pocket and taste. All are filled with fun, exclusive, and pure bliss!

We make special effort to create all boxes completely religion and gender neutral, allowing you to enjoy it in every season and to give it as a present to all your friends. They come in cardboard boxes and every component of each box, from the mailer bag to the last of the wrapping, is entirely recyclable.

October 19, 2021

Hand-dyed bags to brighten your fall

  • A stack of colorful bags.

The new collection of hand-dyed bags I have presented during Indie Untangled everywhere is here to brighten your fall! And still exclusive to Indie subscribers!

During my slot at Indie Untangled Everywhere I had the pleasure to show you all the colours and bags of this collection.

Starting from un-dyed and unbleached cotton, I create unique, whimsical, and bright colours inspired by one on my favourite region of Italy, Sicily.

I am originally from the other side of Italy, the northern Lombardy, the region of Milan. But when I set foot for the first time in Sicily my heart was taken: cannoli (the crunchy and the sweetness), the sea, the colours, the Etna, , the granita, the Greek temples… Everything is Sicily is beautiful, real, and timeless!

Just as this ancient land, the bags in this collections are sweet, timeless, and unique!

And until Sunday 24th October (midnight CET, 6pm ET) you can enjoy free shipping for all orders over 70€ with code INDIE2021OCT.

October 6, 2021

Bespoke Tools & Notions

  • Sock-shaped wood with decorative holes.

Since the beginning of the adventure of La Cave à Laine I have always dreamed to carry a selected and curated collections of different tools and notions for knitters and crafters in general. I am finally beginning to have quite a collection of different scissors, notion kits, and other tools handy and beautiful at the same time.

Take, for example, my sock blockers: handmade in Austria in Austrian beech plywood, locally sourced and designed with love and care.

Or my handy travel kit: a small tin filled with all you need to craft on the go!

Or my extensive collection of stitch markers: from smooth metal, to ceramics, to semi precious stone’s chippings.

Or my handmade soap bar: made in Italy with only natural ingredients and an incredible scent of lavander!

There is a bit for everyone!

And of course all this will be available in my virtual booth during Indie Untangled!