November 11, 2022

Gift Guide 2022

  • A blue and pink bag.
  • A kit of needles, stitch markers, and other tools
  • A set of red stitch holders.
  • A beige bag with a gold circles print.
  • A row counter with a purple, pink and and green charm.
  • A collage of images and the text you are invited to join la Società delle Giardiniere.

This year I have created various Gift Guides to help you choose gift for all your friends, whether they are knitters or non-knitters!

Starting with the friends who are not knitters , but who like nice stuff, our selection of handcrafted bags is perfect to show them your love!

And then I imagined various situations you could find yourself in, with your knitter friends:
– Gifts for the friend you don’t know very well: a selections of gift under 20€
– Gifts for the friend who has all the latest gadgets, but maybe not some unusual one
– Gifts for the friend who has 10 (or more) projects going at one time
– Gifts for the friend who uses only plastic bags (ehm…)
– Last minutes gifts that do not require shipping

I have created a guide for every situation, with many ideas for all your gifts this holiday season!