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Showing La Cave à Laine

Linen is an interesting material. Stiffer then cotton, it has the incredible quality to soften with use.

If you are following me in my colour discovery journey, you have seen me dye many colours, mainly on cotton. I have also experimented on linen.

The linen I use comes from Lithuania and I buy the unbleached and un-dyed linen mixed with cotton, which means that I dye over the natural colour: a mix of beige and light grey.

This of course has some influence on the final colour, giving it a more ethereal aura.

Hand-dyed, handprinted, patchwork, all the Linen collection has an ethereal aura that will transport you directly to an elven realm.

Our beloved Happy Knitting Boxes this year got a revamp and are back to delight all knitters! New and improved from their launch last year, they are the perfect gift for all your beloved knitter friends.

From the Lite to Deluxe, there is a box for every pocket and taste. All are filled with fun, exclusive, and pure bliss!

We make special effort to create all boxes completely religion and gender neutral, allowing you to enjoy it in every season and to give it as a present to all your friends. They come in cardboard boxes and every component of each box, from the mailer bag to the last of the wrapping, is entirely recyclable.

The new collection of hand-dyed bags I have presented during Indie Untangled everywhere is here to brighten your fall! And still exclusive to Indie subscribers!

During my slot at Indie Untangled Everywhere I had the pleasure to show you all the colours and bags of this collection.

Starting from un-dyed and unbleached cotton, I create unique, whimsical, and bright colours inspired by one on my favourite region of Italy, Sicily.

I am originally from the other side of Italy, the northern Lombardy, the region of Milan. But when I set foot for the first time in Sicily my heart was taken: cannoli (the crunchy and the sweetness), the sea, the colours, the Etna, , the granita, the Greek temples… Everything is Sicily is beautiful, real, and timeless!

Just as this ancient land, the bags in this collections are sweet, timeless, and unique!

And until Sunday 24th October (midnight CET, 6pm ET) you can enjoy free shipping for all orders over 70€ with code INDIE2021OCT.

Since the beginning of the adventure of La Cave à Laine I have always dreamed to carry a selected and curated collections of different tools and notions for knitters and crafters in general. I am finally beginning to have quite a collection of different scissors, notion kits, and other tools handy and beautiful at the same time.

Take, for example, my sock blockers: handmade in Austria in Austrian beech plywood, locally sourced and designed with love and care.

Or my handy travel kit: a small tin filled with all you need to craft on the go!

Or my extensive collection of stitch markers: from smooth metal, to ceramics, to semi precious stone’s chippings.

Or my handmade soap bar: made in Italy with only natural ingredients and an incredible scent of lavander!

There is a bit for everyone!

And of course all this will be available in my virtual booth during Indie Untangled!

Papirus, my latest pattern, is a classic triangle shawl, perfect to envelop you during the chilly days of winter. It is the perfect Netflix knit, as you don’t have to count too often or concentrate too much: the lace is easy to remember and the stockinette bands provide the right amount of relaxation.

From September 15th, ALL my patterns are discounted throughout the weekend, to celebrate my birthday! You get a special discount (alongside my newsletter subscribers), higher than the general public! With code HBSARA47 at checkout you will receive 47% off on all my patterns, so this is the time to cast on something fun!

I am happy and rejoiced to present you our Collectable Bag Club Subscription, a first in our collections!

The 2022 theme is dear to my heart and inspired by my history degree and passion for women’s history: “La Società delle Giardiniere.”

Once upon a time, in a country, but not yet a nation, called Italy, there was a secret society composed only by women: La Società delle Giardiniere, The Club of Women Gardeners. La Società delle Giardiniere was the female branch of Carboneria, a network of secret revolutionary societies active in Italy at the beginning of the 19th century. Their main goal and aim was to free Italy from oppressors and reunite the peninsula in a unique nation.

If you are not familiar with Italian history, let me resume it in a few words.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, in 476, Italy endured centuries of internal struggles and foreign domination, preventing the peninsula to be a unique nation for almost 1,500 years!

During the uprisings at the beginning of the 19th century, various movements began to work for a unification of the Italian peninsula, beginning a period called Risorgimento, resurgence.
One of these movements was Carboneria. Most of its leaders were imprisoned and killed.
After many battles and lives spared, the Risorgimento ultimately succeeded in 1861, when the first Italian government was formed by Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, and the Regno d’Italia was created.

But Italy was yet not completely united, as Rome and its surrounding territories were still under the power of the Pope. Only in 1870, Rome became the capital of the newly formed Italian Reign.

The Republic of Italy, as we know it nowadays, was established in the aftermath of World War II, in 1946, after an historical referendum that saw, for the first time, women voting.

As always the history of women is neglected in most history books.

For many reasons women do not make it to the short or longer version of history. Women are almost invisible.

Nowadays there is a growing movement trying to rewrite history with more inclusive tones, to acknowledge the history of the many lives spared for the supremacy of the few.

Most of the time women were working behind the scenes, in secret, covered up in crinoline and tea parties, surrounded by children.

This year I invite you to discover with me the stories of four women, all part of La Società delle Giardiniere, with four bags dedicated to them. And an array of gifts and collectables that will make you happy!

Become part of our secret society: subscribe today!

The images you see are the inspiration behind my choice of fabric for this club: from hand-printed, to hand-dyed, to digitally-printed fabrics, all bags will be exclusive to the club throughout 2022!

The La Cave à Laine annual sale is on!

Once a year I offer big discounts on bags end of collection, or not so perfect, and/or never seen online!

This period of the year is for me a letting go moment to find new space for the upcoming collections. Sending lonely bags from past collections to new homes, knowing they will be cherished and used, it is the best!

I am a quite harsh critic when it comes to the things I make, so I often find myself surrounded by tryouts or mockup which are good and functional, but not perfect enough to be released into the world.⁠ Maybe there is just one in that shape that didn’t convinced me, or a forgotten stitch on the top, or a mockup with still thread running, but perfect to fulfil its duty!

I take the annual sale as a moment of letting go my futile perfectionism and give everybody the possibility to enjoy an handmade item!⁠

That’s why in this year sale you will find loads of bags and pouches that never saw to starlight of social media!⁠

I am sure you will give them a loving home!⁠

The sale is not public, and it is exclusive to my and Indie Untangled’s newsletter subscribers, and you can access only through the link in this post!

I am very happy and proud to present you the latest happy creations from our Atelier: made-to-order bags!

I have created a whole collections of six different bags that I will make to order to your own specifications and choices, in a striking palette of hand-dyed colours!

The materials: I use only natural materials. The bags are all made with organic cotton, cotton webbing, and metal gears.

The colour palette: inspired by Sicily, an Italian region close to my heart, all the colours are bold, striking and unique.

The dyes: I use fiber reactive dyes: minimal waste of water, sticking results, lasting over time and lightfast.

The prints: from linocut to screen-printing, all the prints I add to bags come from my own design and I print them with water based ink.

The bags: from small to huge, you can choose among different model of bags: choose the one that suits you best and I will make it for you in the colour you choose!

The customisations: from strap length to colours and different closures, you can really customise your bag to the smallest detail!

Every bag is accompanied by a video showing you how to make your choices and place an order.
I will be very happy to help you and guide you in your choices: fell free to contact me if you need any advice placing your order!

And last, but not least, I have a discount for you: 10€ off this weekend for your made to order bag(s) with code INDIE06

As all the bags are made to order, please be patient: I am a solo operation, and depending on the queue your bag will be ready in 1 to 3 weeks time.

In this strange times we may find comfort in many different ways: art, nature, knitting… At La Cave à Laine we find comfort in making. Besides our Aquarelle collections of hand-dyed project bags, we have just released a composite collection of different bags, in new model and fabric.

There are the Llama bags, made with sturdy cotton printed especially for this collection. From small to huge, this bags are high in colour and fun! Because where you can find more fun than in a llama with a Fair Isle sweater? All Llama bags features heavy-weight cotton, cotton handles and multiple pockets in the inside.

And then there are also the special linocut bags. Starting from white cotton and a piece of linoleum, these bags are unique in every way. Each design was carved from a drawing inspired by my love for geometry and the nature I see around me. From lines to flowers, some bags are minimalistic blac-and-white creations, whereas others features some accent colours. Most of the contrasting fabrics are waterproof, making them the perfect bags to be carried around. All feature zippered closures and an array of pockets on the inside.

As always with La Cave à Laine bags, these capsule collections are unique and wont be repeated.

The shop is also updated with a vast array of tools and notions, and special treats for upcoming holidays. And for the whole month of November you can enjoy free shipping with code “HAPPYKN20!”

Are you ready to make all your fiber friends happy?

I am delighted to introduce you to Happy Knitting Boxes: four different boxes with a selection of our best accessories for fiber lovers, including hand-dyed (or hand-printed) project bags, unique stitch markers, wool soap, and knitting patterns. Boxes contain an array of handmade and handpicked items of the highest quality, made in France or Europe, by us at La Cave à Laine, or by our trusted collaborators.

All boxes are completely religion and gender neutral, allowing you to enjoy it in every season and to give it as a present to all your friends. They come in cardboard boxes and every component of each box, from the mailer bag to the last of the wrapping, is entirely recyclable.

Allow me to present each and every box:

– Happy Knitting Box Lite: a hand-printed tote bag, notions, and printed knitting patterns.
– Happy Knitting Box: a hand-dyed and handmade project bag, notions, wool bar soap, and printed patterns.
– Happy Knitting Box Yarn Edition: a choice between a skein of hand-dyed Merino fingering or hand-dyed kid-silk, plus a hand-dyed and handmade project bag, notions, and printed patterns.
– Happy Knitting Box Deluxe: a knitting kit composed of two skeins of hand-dyed yarn and a hand-dyed cotton pouch, a hand-dyed and handmade project bag, notions, and printed patterns.