June 16, 2017

Outlander Unclub

We are Outlander super fans! We love all things Outlander, from project bags to stitch markers, so we have put together the latest Outlander Unclub preorder a bit early. The series will not be back until the fall, but we just can’t wait any longer.

Now, I know you are asking yourself: What is an Unclub? And how do I participate?

Let me help answer a few questions for you: you will have two weeks to preorder the kit and we will only be making enough of each kit to cover what has been ordered. You will receive a colorway that is exclusive to this kit until 2018.
Season 3/Round 1 will consist of one skein of yarn inspired by of the Battle of Culloden and our hero Jamie Frasier. The project bag is from 3 Foxhollow and will carry you through the voyage on your own tall ship.