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Palettes for Making Undyed Yarns Pop!

At Gothfarm Yarn, we love our neutral shades. After all, our last Indie Untangled blog post showcased our array of gray yarn and roving!

But working with our undyed yarn doesn’t have to mean projects in muted colors. Check out four color palette ideas to make striking knits with our undyed, naturally-colored fibers! Each palette photo is posted in the same order as the list below.

#1. Harmonious
This palette uses three yarns in earthy hues. The colors work together; one doesn’t dominate over another. Our two brown yarns — Aswan and Ultisol — form a marled background. The gray yarn — Gabbro –creates a solid foreground shape. Aswan’s subtle gray tweed helps strengthen the color harmony.

Yarn guide:
Light brown: Aswan
Dark brown: Ultisol
Gray: Gabbro

#2. Dye Collider
There’s no reason why undyed yarns and indie-dyed yarns should live in different worlds!* In fact, undyed yarns can create a neutral canvas that can make indie-dyed yarns pop! In this palette, our white yarn — Bone — is combined with hand-spun dyed yarn from Hedgehog Fibres. An added bonus: Bone’s fuzzy halo helps blend it all together.

*as long as the dye is well-set, and the finished product is gently hand washed in cool water.

Yarn guide:
White: Bone
Colored yarn: Hedgehog Fibres hand-spun (personal stash)

#3 Marled Metallics
Our golden, lace-weight yarn – Aten – can add shine and class to any project. Simply hold it together with your main yarn to create a marled metallic look. We paired it here with our matte-gray yarn Nebelung.

Yarn guide:
Gold: Aten
Gray: Nebelung

#4 High contrast
Undyed yarn is known for complex, rich neutrals. You can make neutrals pop by choosing a high-contrast colorwork motif. A classic example of that is Houndstooth. We did our own take on it based on the tooth shape of the Crab eater seal. The pattern chart is free on Ravelry!

Yarn guide:
Black: Carbonado
White: Kaolin
Gray: Gabbro