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Romantisch Collection Debut

Isn’t it Romantisch? The Romantisch collection is complete and available in the Bad Lux Designs shop now! Each swoon-worthy color is available on Bulky, DK and Fingering weights for all your crochet and knitting dreams.

When it came time to name my latest color collection, the colors are a dreamy, deep escape into romantic notions so naturally, my brain bubbled the word “Romantisch” to the surface. When I first learned this German word, I would roll the R a little, drop “mAN” for a more guttural “MAHn,” and then end in a whispering “tisch.” It felt like a secret endeavor. The word promised an escape into velvety, soft whispers from a lover.

Colors include:
– Ever the Optimist
– M’Lady
– Troubadour
– Stop Time
– Beguiling
– Moonstruck
– Miss You