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Rooting for a fabulous New Year!

Time to branch out with this week’s new shawl pins!

The Tree of Life motif holds so many different meanings. One of my favorite interpretations makes this pin my pick for the start of a new year! It’s said that the Tree of Life symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings — just as trees go dormant during the cold winter months and come to life in the spring with new growth.

Wear it as a daily reminder of your goals for this year, and take a little advice from a tree (via Ilan Shamir):
Stand tall and proud
Sink your roots into the earth
Be content with your natural beauty
Go out on a limb
Drink plenty of water
Remember your roots
Enjoy the view!

The beginning of the new year is an ideal time to reflect on the previous one. 2018 was a year full of adventure, and a very prolific one when it came to designing! Check out my blog to learn all about my top pins, pattern releases, indie dyer finds, and event memories from a wonderful year. I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!