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Say Hello to Cedar Sheep!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago during my 3D-printed notions retirement sale, I’ve been hard at work here in the studio developing a new end minder from a natural material. I’m happy to share that after several rounds of iteration (and a few funny outcomes!), my new Suavest Sheep are officially ready for action!

The Hardwood Suavest Sheep are making their grand debut in two beautiful colorways. The first is Beech, a lighter wood with a soft pattern of flecks that brings to mind the whorled coats of our favorite woolly friends. As for the second, well, it follows in the footsteps of my new jewelry line, packing two fabulous functions into one fine notion! These darker sheep are laser-etched from cedar, a wood known for its moth-repelling superpowers.

What better sidekick could you have for your cast-ons?

See these sheep and other endminder friends in person at our booth at the Michigan Sheep and Wool Festival August 18th-20th.