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Second Peek at the Faux Holidays Yarn Club

We need you to know how beautiful the yarn for the next Faux Holidays Yarn Club is, without actually showing you and giving away the surprise! So, we’re resorting to trickery! If you want a really sweet surprise — both in terms of the yarn, and the other lovely items we’ve selected — run don’t walk to our website! Subscriptions close the end of the month!

The second installment is “National Wine Day!” and will contain:

One skein of fingering weight yarn on a sparkle base (SPARKLES!!!)
A pattern
Two other carefully chosen items, one of which is locally sourced
Some other things (I feel compelled to tell you that, once again, we will NOT be sending you any alcoholic beverages…)

Subscriptions close May 1. Ship date is May 16, 2019.

In other Despondent Dyes news, Vintage Vixen is officially here! This is our brand new non-Superwash sportweight yarn. It comes in a gorgeous palette of 15 colors and is perfect for everything from cables to colorwork. The semisolid colors might be different from our bright speckled sock yarns, but you’ll find the same hilarious names with a fun, 1950s housewife twist. To say we are crazy about this yarn would be putting it mildly.