January 30, 2019

Last Chance Call for Margarita Day!

February 1 is the last day to sign up for the first installment of the Faux Holidays Club, Margarita Day! This one-of-a-kind club curated by Despondent Dyes features a very special skein of self-striping yarn with heel and toe mini, a pattern written for the yarn and some fun goodies centered around a comforting beverage.

And we get why you might be holding out — you don’t like surprises, you like your yarn with security. You like your cake naked, so you can see the filling. You never let anyone else put milk and sugar in your tea. But we promise, if you take a chance on this skein of self-striping yarn, you will not be disappointed! And this is just the beginning — there are three more Faux Holidays after this, and trust us, they are gonna be soooo good.

January 22, 2019

Introducing the Faux Holidays Club!

The Holidays can be rough!

If you need a little “something” to help you get through all that cheer and family togetherness (cue grandma asking why you’re still single…) we’ve got your back!

We picked four of the toughest holidays to get through and we’ve put together a special skein of Despondent Dyes yarn and some thoughtfully curated extras — locally sourced whenever possible!

National Margarita Day – February 22, 2019!

This installment will contain:
* One skein of self-striping sock yarn with a coordinating heel/toe skein
* A pattern
* Two other items based around a soothing beverage (hint: I am NOT mailing you a margarita!)

Subscriptions for this first installment close February 1!

November 16, 2016

New Stockist in East Hampton Village, New York

Despondent Dyes has gone Coastal! We are pleased to announce that Black Sheep Knitworks in the village of East Hampton, New York, has just received a large shipment of Despondent Dyes yarns. They join Stash in Corvallis, Oregon, and Wool ‘N Wares in West Linn, Oregon, in carrying our regular colorways.

Black Sheep Knitworks also has a sampling of our special Christmas color. If you are anywhere in the area and in need of some slightly irreverent, but beautiful yarn — go see them! They’re at 47 Newtown Lane.

November 4, 2016

We Set Our Colors With the Acidity of Our Bitter Tears

Offering hand dyed yarn to fiber enthusiasts. During our 2nd year of business, we will be donating $1 — for every skein sold — to charity. The designated charity for September through November 2016 is Hope for Paws, an animal rescue operating out of Southern California.

We are a cheerful mother and daughter duo seeking a creative outlet for our despondent alter ego. Dead serious about color and knitting, but we tend to be a touch irreverent about almost everything else.

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