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Shop Update: BOO!

Hello, it’s a bit of a bumper update from me again. There’s a nice mixture of Adventure Time, Final Fantasy and some limited edition Halloween yarns to be added.

So, let’s start with the Adventure Time yarns. They almost round off the entire collection. To begin with I’ve dyed up another skein of Lady Rainicorn. I’ve had a few custom orders for this colourway, and last time it was for general purchase it sold very quickly. So, if you want it – get to the shop! There’s also two new yarns joining the flock – how could I do an AT series without the two most righteous dudes, it’s FINN and JAKE!

Jake is a totally gown-up blend of mustardy yellow, black and white and would make tops bloopy socks for anyone. While Finn is a bright, energetic blend of greens, blues and white, so you can match the sartorial choices of the lumping coolest human ever.

Now, let’s move on to the Halloween yarns! There are three on the Unicorn Sock base, and three on the Cait Sith DK base (which is a lovely plumpcious Jacob wool).

First, let’s talk about my inspiration. Clearly the coolest witches in Halloween history – the Sanderson sisters!

Are you a Winnie, Mary or a Sarah? Winnie is a blend of greens and blues all topped off with a carrotty orange – just like her hair! Mary is a witchy blend of red, brown, purple are orange – understated but punchy, like the lady herself! Sister Sarah is a ladylike blend of purples and pinks – rocking the perfect eerie-girly combo, and is also available in DK weight.

Also on the DK base are No Nicer Witch Than You (a candy-spattered mix of white, pink, purple and turquoise) and The Black Flame Candle (a bewitching brew of white, black, orange and purple).

And last, but not least is a very special yarn. I’m a really dedicated Final Fantasy fan – and I’ve become absolutely obsessed with FF XIV recently. So, I knew what the Moonfire Faire special event began I KNEW I had to make a special yarn.

Throughout August 14 and September 8 I will be stocking the shop with very special OOAK skeins inspired by the festival. If you like one, be sure to grab it, because these skeins will not be replicated.

So, the update is tomorrow – August 18 at 7pm (BST), I hope to see you there!