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More to love from Indie Untangled & That Clever Clementine

The collaboration between Indie Untangled and That Clever Clementine continues, and for this round we’ve come out with some new ways for you to tote around your WIPs and show your “indie love.”

Along with the original Snapdragon notions pouches (also great for holding socks!) and Belle drawstring bags, there are some bigger bags with double fabric drawstrings: the Pandora Poke is 11″ wide and 11″ tall, the Cindy Sue I is 13″ x 13″ and the Cindy Sue II is a generous 15″ x 15″. Also new are unbreakable, super portable and reversible fabric yarn bowls, which will make great craft room decor.

We’ve gone with some fun new accent fabric that I think reflects the IU logo really well. You can order as many items as you want this time (be sure to take a look at the new shipping charts) and they will be made to order in a couple of weeks. If fabric runs out, we’ll still fulfill your order, but it will take just a bit longer.