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Shop Update: Mew Mew Power!

I’ve been incredibly busy in the dyeing kitchen (aka…my kitchen) over the past week cooking up some new colourways, as well as re-dyeing old favourites and working on commissions. I have to tell you the hot British summertime is not conducive to dyeing yarn! The heat is both unexpected and unwanted — though it does mean I can dry the skeins naturally in the Yorkshire sunshine while I sip iced tea and watch the birds at my feeders in the garden.

As well as dyeing, I’ve been squirrelling away at something else — which I’m really excited to tell you about — but will have to wait for when I don’t have lots of new yarns and scrummy pictures to show you!

So without further ado… the yarn!

I was working on the remaining colourways for the Tokyo Mew Mew series I introduced recently, when it occurred to me that it just wasn’t right not to have all five Mew Mews together. The feeling grew in me, and I felt so uncomfortable splitting them up that I re-dyed the Mint colourway (which sold pretty quickly last time) so that I wouldn’t be keeping them apart. So that means I have a whole set of five up for grabs at the moment. There’s Ichigo, a summery blend of pinks, red and white, which I shared in my last update post, and Mint, a rich blend of purple, turquoise and blue and the new colours…

Lettuce is a blend of lime green, leaf green, white and pink. I absolutely LOVE this combination. When I was growing up my mum always told me “pink and green should never be seen,” but I think this yarn disproves the rhyme completely. The pink adds a lovely summery punch.

Pudding is a really cheerful blend of oranges, corals and yellow. Proud and punchy like the adorable little creature herself. This skein took a lot of blending, but I really like how sunny it is.

Zakuro is a sophisticated mix of purples, pink, white and brown. Strong and eye-catching, just like Zakuro the Mew Mew.

As well as completing the Mew Mew series I’ve added a new colourway in the Adventure Time series. It’s everyone’s favourite Korean unicorn — Lady Rainicorn! A hot blend of rainbow and pinks — I like to think that the Lady would it!

Finally Team Rainbow has been restocked. I’ve added three skeins this time, so if you want to make a larger project you can do. It would make a wonderful, bright shawl!

The shop update will be Friday evening, UK time. I hope to see you there!