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SkeinTwisters, Special Yarn, and Cool Swag!

Hello, Untanglers! It’s been a busy summer & fall at Alpenglow Yarn, as we’ve been getting ready to launch our second product for indie dyers – the SkeinTwister! This tool helps with the final task that dyers, yarn companies, and mills do before mailing yarn to you – twist up those loose hanks into nice, tidy skeins. This is almost entirely done by hand, and you can probably imagine that it gets tiring and can even be painful if you’re twisting a large batch, or already have joint pain. Enter the SkeinTwister! It’s a motorized hook that does the twisting part, all the dyer has to do is fold the skein in half and push one end through the other to fasten it off. We’re excited about it, dyers are excited about it, and even if you’re not a dyer, there are several ways you can join in the fun too!

For fans of naturally dyed yarn, Alpenglow Yarn and Sincere Sheep are getting together at the dyepots to bring you AlpenSheep – a collaboration! We’re always talking dyes, and are excited to get together and work with a variety of dyestuffs and combine techniques. We’ll be dyeing her Cormo Sport yarn, which is entirely sourced and spun in the USA and is amazingly soft and springy. You can order as many skeins as you’d like, and request either all on color or multiple coordinating colors if you have a colorwork project in mind.

If you’re a little bit on yarn overload at the moment, we have a bunch of really fun Pirate Red gear! Pirate Red is the SkeinTwister’s sassy mascot, and you can drink some rum with her on our rocks glasses, or sport her on a coffee mug or t-shirt. We can offer a variety of styles and sizes thanks to on-demand printing, which also cuts down on textile waste because only the shirts that are ordered are made.

We hope you’ll get twisted with us – orders for SkeinTwisters, yarn, and gear will be open through the end of October!