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Sparkly Sock Yarn!

Hi all, we have lots of exciting news for you, so settle in!

We have received our latest batch of Milburn DK, which means that Wicker is back in stock and we have larger quantities of Black Tulip, Dusk and Estuary on the website. This has enabled us to restock several DK yarn pack options and Magic Circles yarn packs. Magic Circles patterns have sold out but we are expecting a restock next week. It might not be evident on the outside, but this yarn delivery is really big news for us behind the scenes as some of these batches were ordered last September. Their normal maximum turnaround time is ten weeks, so 14 months is quite an extension on that!

We have also added the current dyelots to all our Milburn listings as this is something we get a lot of emails about. It sounds obvious, but it means the titles on the website are much longer because of it, so it does have a logistical impact on various things! The upshot is that if the dyelot you are looking for is not listed then we do not have any of it available. That being said our mill dyed yarns are much more consistent across dyelots and so you should be able to complete a project using a different dyelot.

We have added new batches of hand dyed Brimham High Twist 20g mini skeins to the website this week. There are lots of colours to choose from and a fade set in colourway Tide. This fade set has four skeins rather than the five we normally include (oops). We have colour combination suggestions on flickr in the Brimham High Twist album. We have also added a limited number of mini skein presentation boxes on the website in the mini skein category. They can hold up to five mini skeins making it a great way of gift wrapping them and the box is very much reusable.

Our latest update was Rosedale 4ply which is our gold sparkle sock yarn. We have lots of yarn in this update and I am sure you will be really excited by it. Rosedale 4ply is a blend of Merino, nylon and gold Stellina. The sparkle is very subtle but catches the light beautifully as you move. Pictures don’t do justice to this beautiful yarn – you really have to see it to appreciate it. We have two posts on the blog about Rosedale 4ply: an Introductory blog post and a Projects and Patterns blog post. Both can be found on the Yarn Specific Blog Posts Index page. Rosedale 4ply is perfect for making socks with a subtle sparkle to them. This yarn is also great for shawls and is soft enough to wear next to the skin. The update included full skeins and mini skeins in a variety of colours including some festive colourways and a couple of variegated batches.

Episode 20 of The Wholly Irregular ECY Shedcast is now up on our YouTube channel, just search Eden Cottage Yarns and you should find it! A link to the Show Notes for this episode can be found in the video description. Captions will be added as soon as possible. The Shedcast is a great way to find about all our upcoming updates and see different colour combination suggestions. Also on the YouTube channel you will find the previously promised video about the Lucky Dip Cowl pattern. In it I talk about how to make the cowl, discuss the gauge and show you the Clasped Weft Join technique suggested in the pattern.

The Lucky Dip Cowl leads on nicely to Yarnlings. We know you love them and so do we! We have been listening to requests and so have added some new options to the website. You can now buy packs of 24 Yarnlings in either 4ply or DK. These would be great as an advent idea either for making a small thing (a crochet decoration perhaps?) with each one, or as part of a larger project where you add say a stripe each day. This means that you can buy the following quantities of 4ply Yarnlings: 5, 15, 20 (sock yarns only), 24 and 24 pairs (48 in total). DK Yarnlings are available in quantities of 5 and 24.

We have also been pulling together blog content; You wait ages for a blog post and then three come along in quick succession. The first one released was a reintroduction to Magic Circles by Janie Crow. This has been quite timely as the yarn packs are now back in stock after we had the Milburn DK delivery. All the colours needed for this are available in decent quantities so take a look at the blog post to see the different options and some background information about this wonderful pattern.

Next up… we have been checking out the guidance for shipment dates in the festive season. We need a few extra days to process orders and get them to the post office so please take a look at the blog post to see our guidance on when you will need to place orders by based on your location in the world. As always shipment timings cannot be guaranteed so please order in plenty of time.

If you are looking for gifts, our most recent blog post has been written to help you out with some inspiration. We have organised the list by price so you can select something for any price range. You will also find new options in the Yarn menu which will show you all products below £10, £20 or £50 pounds.

I think that is all for now. Don’t forget we ship worldwide!