Spring for some Big Clippy Progress Keepers!

Yank Your Yarn not only has you covered with classic round stitch markers; she also has a lot of Progress Keepers in her shop as well! Bonnie carries her line of “Big Clippy” progress keepers, which are oversized, movable single stitch markers featuring a 21-23mm lobster clasp and a large charm, festooned with coordinating beads. You can use these on the chunkiest of chunky yarns, and since they are moveable, Big Clippies can be used on your Crochet projects, too! Not only that, folks have been wearing a Big Clippy as a pendant, clipped to a purse or a keychain, or even as a zipper pull! Bonnie has a charm for everyone in her Big Clippy Progress Keeper line, from critters to fandoms to outer space!