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Star Trek Holiday Sets

2020 has been a crazy year and the holidays are sure to just be crazier than normal! So why not treat yourself this holiday! Fairy Tale Yarn Co, is happy to bring you two options this year! You can choose between a Hanukkah Set or a Christmas Set. Both sets come with 10 hanks of yarn, 50-grams each, and four extras, each packaged for your chosen holiday. Each is available in fingering weight yarn and DK weight. You’ll get the same yardage as the 25 mini sets, so loads of patterns to choose from. As with all Fairy Tale Yarn Co holiday sets, the entire set will work together as a whole. The ball band on the yarn will also be numbered, making it easy to reference their order.

The 14 items will come wrapped in eight packs for the Hanukkah set and 12 for the Christmas set. Both sets will have the same fun Star Trek colorways and extras.