March 17, 2020

By Popular Demand!

  • Purple and speckled yarn.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Princes and Princesses! After receiving an abundance of requests I am proud to introduce my Fairy Tale Ensembles! I would like to invite you to be our guest and put my yarn to the test. These are colorways that are truly love at first sight. They even seem to be made for each other. They are sets of two or more colorways that truly match, they would make the most perfect shawls, sweaters, or any other projects that require colorways that go together gorgeously. I am very ecstatic to see what you create with these Fairy Tale Ensembles.⁠

October 17, 2019

Monty Python Advent Calendar

  • Christmas packages

Is your mother a hamster? Does your father smell of elderberries? Or do you just need a shrubbery? This year I’m excited to bring you another unique advent calendar! Introducing, Monty Python Advent Calendar!  

The Fairy Tale Yarn Co Monty Python Advent Calendar includes:

A full-sized skein of yarn in my Pegasus base (75% Superwash Merino Wool/25% Nylon, 463 yards per 100 grams). This larger skein will be a tonal colorway, the perfect background to pair with the minis or to use on its own for a special project.

24 individual mini-skeins of yarn in the same base (20g or 92 yards each), individually wrapped so that you can open one per day (or night). The minis will be a variety of speckle dyed and tie-dyed. (If you’re counting, that makes it a total of 480 grams of minis!) Each mini-skein will take you back to those times watching the Quest for the Holy Grail.

Each individual skein (full-size and mini) will be wrapped and numbered, so you can put it somewhere special as soon as it arrives and unwrap a little fun each day thereafter for 25 days.

Are you ready for a yarnie advent calendar full of geeky fun? Then order yours today! There’s a limited number that I’ll be dyeing. These also make fantastic gifts for your favorite knitter, crocheter, or weaver.

Listings will be available until Oct 31. Kits will ship in by November 23rd.

Note * the greyscale picture is from a previous advent calendar and given as an example of my previous advent calendars.