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A Sylvan Scarf and a new yarn base

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my Sylvan Scarf Pattern. It’s the perfect thing to keep you warm on a walk in the woods, wide enough to provide plenty of material to snuggle into and long enough to wrap all the way round. The central lace panel is reminiscent of fully grown pine trees, whilst the edging and borders feature the saplings of the forest floor.

The Scarf is knitted with just one skein of my newly-launched yarn base Tethera 4ply. The sample is knitted in the Sitka colourway. Tethera 4ply is a smooth 4-ply yarn, spun from 100% British BFL wool, perfect for hats, gloves and socks. There are 14 semi-solid colours available now at my Etsy store.