October 10, 2014

“Sara’s Story” Shawl KAL, pre-order the custom Yarn

This is a sideways shawl that was inspired by Sara, a dear friend of Tami Dyman of Eternity Ranch. Sara is an inspirational example of beauty, grace, and forgiveness for those who turned her world upside down. The yarn colors Tami chose to honor Sara with were inspired by the breathing, majestic Western Montana Mountains where Sara lives and found the power to forgive. The collaboration of yarn meets design is a delicate, dense pattern that expresses Sara’s strength as well as her femininity, giving the feel of the serene mountains where Sara finds peace.. To read more about Sara’s inspirational story, please visit rubyridgetofreedom.com.

Copied with permission from Penny – Knit-By-Bit-Designs on Ravelry.

I am the dyer of the custom Colorway, Sara’s Story. It is a colorblock of Teal, Tan, and Grey. It shows off the stitch design beautifully.

Kits are available now until October 20th for pre order. If you are on Ravelry please sign in to either Eternity Ranch or Knitbybitdesigns, so we can get the pattern to you. If you are not on Ravelry, you can still order the yarn and pattern we will just send you the pattern via email.

The kit is up in Eternity Ranch Knits on Etsy.

You can join with any yarn if you can’t or do not want the kit yarn. Any Eternity Ranch yarn will qualify you for prizes on both boards, non- ER Yarns will still qualify you in Knit-By-Bit-Designs Group.

Thank you
Hope to see you there!!!